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A Viking's Valentine's Day Wish List

When I was younger, my first boyfriend surprised me on Valentine's Day with thirteen roses, chocolates and a big teddy bear holding a heart that had "I love you" emblazoned in swirly font on the front. At the time, my eighteen year old self was absolutely ecstatic and viewed this as the ultimate and most sincere gesture of love.

On reflection, I realised that the roses only lasted about ten days, the chocolates were eaten and the teddy bear had to undergo surgery to remove the love heart when the relationship ended. Maybe not an ultimate and most sincere gesture of love after all.

Nowadays, in my wise old age of twenty one, I'm not too bothered by the premise of Valentine's Day. Honestly, my Valentine's Day will be spent fluttering around Anges de Sucre in the day in angel wings from my last Halloween costume, before going home, eating pizza until my tummy sticks out and passing out in a food induced coma. Which is pretty much my ideal plan for every Saturday evening but that's irrelevant.

Illustration: Sasha's First Stuffing by daysdays

If anything Valentine's Day this year is positively annoying because it's just another excuse for already-extortionate London prices to go even higher and as it falls on the beginning of reading week, my options of going away for a quick break are limited to my parents' house and camping out in St. James' park.

That being said, you never know who might be reading this blog and on the off-chance, there's someone out there who's interested in catching the favour of your favourite barista (and increasing your chances of receiving regular expertly-made coffees in return), here are five things I wouldn't mind getting for Valentine's Day;


1. Vin Diesel

Don't get me wrong, I am currently very happy in a relationship - but if Vin Diesel could just come into the shop and order a cappuccino, maybe a macaron or seven - just to give me time to shamelessly objectify his voice and his muscles (I realise it's cold out and his muscles probably would be hidden under several layers of clothing, but I can imagine) then that would be me sorted. Or at the very least, the Riddick Box Set.
Riddick Wallpaper

2. Animated films

Do not even mention the latest Katherine Heigl rom-com or Nicholas Sparks adaptation because honestly, if it's Valentine's Day and we're going to the movies then The Grudge is probably more likely to create intimacy between us as I use you as a human shield for the entire film. The way to my heart is a good animation and not even specifically Disney if that's really not your thing - Dreamworks and 20th Century Fox will work just as well, if not better. How to Train your Dragon 2 is out now, I believe..... (watch the trailer here)

How to train your dragon 2 poster imdb

3. Another tattoo

Okay this isn't the most romantic of things granted, but I'm a student and tattoos are an expense that I can't really justify and if you're insisting on spending money on me, then who am I to say no?

4. Tickets to China

I used to live in Xining in the Qinghai province however I understand it's a little tricky to get to so tickets to Shanghai or Hong Kong would be greatly appreciated as well (and Hong Kong has a Disneyland, so if you could throw in tickets to that then that would be also heartily accepted). I have such great memories of China and the experiences - good and bad - really impacted my life and I would love the chance to go back! Here are some great package holidays to consider.

Virgin Holidays China

5. Anges de Sucre Surprise Treat Box

I've packed enough of these beauties to know exactly what I'm missing out on! Two teacakes, two marshmallows, two macarons and a muffle.... If I could send this treat box a note saying "Be Mine", I would! Now theoretically this is a surprise treat box and so you are meant to discover the flavours etc which go inside it HOWEVER seeing as this is my dream Valentine's gift list, I'll specify;
Teacakes = 2x Choco Salted Caramel,
Marshmallows = 2x Passion Pillow Talk,
Macarons = 1x Raspberry Ripple, 1x Cheeky Cazzamella
Muffle = Super Muffle Cindy (dark chocolate & speculoos)

Available to buy in our Kensington sweet shop or online for delivery all across mainland UK right here

Valentine's Day Gourmet Gift Surprise Treat Box

So yeah.... just in theory....remember that we serve the best lattes in Kensington...particularly to people who are inspired by this list *hint hint*

Happy Valentine's Day,

Jess aka Viking 1