The Ninja's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day for the simple reason that I don’t go well with all things cheesy, like receiving roses and stuffed animals from a boy. Not so ninja, is it? So if you’re trying to win over my heart this month, read on to see what a perfect Valentine’s Day would look like to me and take note of these awesome gifts!

 Ninja Love


In my opinion nothing sounds sweeter than staying indoors on a cold February night, lounging in blankets and a mound of pillows – the more the merrier! A big, oversized wool blanket is, by far, a must when lying on the couch and watching Shrek (yes, Shrek is on my gift guide).


Tweedmill Blanket from Urban Outfitters


Having said this, needless to add that a movie night could not be complete without marshmallows (Vanilla Sky, Laura’s Love Biscuit, and Banana-rama would be my top choices) to dunk in a mug of heavenly Dark Hot Chocolate, while wearing a polar bear onesie. You’re never too old for a onesie, and you definitely need to keep warm in the abominable winter weather.

 Polar Bear Onesie - Debenhams

Polar Bear Sherpa Onesie - Debenhams (currently on SALE! YAY!)

And in case you’re looking for something more sophisticated, this gift is a perfume that claims to be “less an aroma than an effect”. This bottled beauty adapts to everyone’s personal smell, meaning you can’t go wrong with it. Plus it makes for a very intriguing and original gift.


Finally if you’re reeaally looking to win my heart, take me to Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland. The hotel rooms are igloos with glass ceiling, meaning you can star gaze from the comfort and warmth of your bed, and if you’re lucky, see the northern lights. I love stars, I love snow, and I would love to be an Eskimo for a weekend...just make sure to bring some of our Marshmallows and S’mores for the fireplace.

Hotel Kakslauttanen


So if this inspired you, make sure to let me know by stopping by our shop in Kensington! I’ll be happy to serve you the very best latte, and if you’re still not feeling too adventurous this Valentine’s Day, you can always pick up a box of our assorted Chocolate Love Hearts and Pretty Pralines which strikes the perfect balance between 'safe bet' and 'extra-ordinarily delightful'.

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With love,

Carla aka your friendly Kensington Ninja x