Pineapple Marshmallow Recipe

Recipe for Goan Colada Gourmet Marshmallows 

Pineapple Marshmallow Recipe

Come rain or shine, transport yourself to a sunny-Goa-state-of-mind with these squishy tropical delights. *Fresh pineapples contain active anti-gelling enzymes, ‘bromelain’, which break down the proteins in gelatin. To ensure setting your mallows into lovely fluffy treats make sure you boil fresh puree to de-activate the enzymes and let cool to ambient before blooming the gelatin. Alternatively, pop a can! Canned pineapples are already heat treated hence they are ready to get, set, GO! (FYI: the same enzyme is also found in Kiwi fruit).




  1. Follow the basic marshmallow technique soaking the gelatin in the pineapple puree
  2. In a small saucepan, boil the mango puree and granulated sugar together till thick and syrupy. Let the mango coulis rest till it comes to room temperature
  3. Once the pineapple marshmallow is poured into the prepared setting pan, dot spoonfuls of mango coulis over the marshmallow block and drag the back of the spoon over the dots in swirly patterns
  4. Sprinkle the dessicated coconut over
  5. Let rest till set and cut into marshmallow cubes as per usual