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Macarons and Manicures - Saffy's Top Valentine's Day Gifts

To be honest, my idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day would be to stay in and snuggle up with my fave, but if you’re struggling for gift ideas, here’s a few of my recommendations for top Valentines presents:

  1. Valentine's Day would not be complete without an indulgent treat for your loved one to enjoy, and what could be better than a gift box of 18 gorgeous macarons from the cutest gourmet sweet shop in London, Anges de Sucre. At £37 a pop, your girlfriend (or boyfriend!) will certainly be thankful for your token of love. In my opinion, the gift of great food can never go unappreciated. Make sure you include a Cheeky Cazzamella - they’re to die for! Get them before the 14th February rush either from our Kensington artisan treat shop or buy macarons online for delivery all across mainland-UK.

 Buy macarons online

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The Ninja's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day for the simple reason that I don’t go well with all things cheesy, like receiving roses and stuffed animals from a boy. Not so ninja, is it?

Ninja Love

So if you’re trying to win over my heart this month, read on to see what a perfect Valentine’s Day would look like to me and take note of these awesome gifts!

History of Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is what we do best here at Anges de Sucre! What a better way is there to show someone you love them than a gift box of macarons or artisan marshmallows? We've even got new chocolate Love Hearts and Pretty Pralines just in time for the holiday! 

Pretty Pralines and Chocolate Love Hearts
Valentine's day wasn't always celebrated with boxes of candy and flowers, however. It all started out with the 3rd century Roman martyr St. Valentine, amidst the romance of clandestine love affairs and secret weddings as well as imprisonment, torture and beheadings! Read on, lovers... 

Baby Roo's Top 5 Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide

As a passionate believer in all things sweet, magical, pink and outrageous I have composed a list of my top 5 ultimate Valentine's day gifts, including items suitable for any budget, from tickets to space to out-of-this-world super fine chocolate gift boxes. Whilst my ideas may be indicative of why I am alone and single, I hope they also inspire you to spoil your babe this Valentines day (also affectionately known as 'get drunk, have a cry and dance on your own' day) and shoot them with a cupid's bow right in the feels.

 Non Valentine

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Alice's Top Five Valentine's Day Gifts

As the latest team member (Hello! I'm Alice!) to join Anges de Sucre from France, I'm now in a real-world Wonderland filled with pretty treats and smiles (especially from customers who bite into one of our delicious French macarons) but I think would make someone's Valentine's Day even sweeter is anything from my Top Five Valentine's Day Gifts...covering a little bit of everything from soft jazz to fluffy marshmallows. 

DreamBerry Strawberry Marshmallows

Click here to take a look at my top five picks for this Valentine's Day!

Jess's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

When I was younger, my first boyfriend surprised me on Valentine's Day with thirteen roses, chocolates and a big teddy bear holding a heart that had "I love you" emblazoned in swirly font on the front. At the time, my eighteen year old self was absolutely ecstatic and viewed this as the ultimate and most sincere gesture of love.

On reflection, I realised that the roses only lasted about ten days, the chocolates were eaten and the teddy bear had to undergo surgery to remove the love heart when the relationship ended. Maybe not an ultimate and most sincere gesture of love after all...

You never know who might be reading this blog and on the off-chance, there's someone out there who's interested in catching the favour of your favourite barista (and increasing your chances of receiving regular expertly-made coffees in return), here are five things I wouldn't mind getting for Valentine's Day!


Buy Marshmallows Online

Buy marshmallows online today, and indulge in their delicious gourmet squishiness tomorrow!

Buy Marshmallows Online


Anges de Sucre marshmallows are unlike all other marshmallows - hand-made from scratch and created using the best, fresh and natural ingredients such as freshly squeezed lemons, real raspberry puree and organic vanilla bean pods. They're melt-in-the-mouth, light as air, fluffy pillows of authentic flavours. Read more.

Macaron Recipe: Raspberry Ripple White Chocolate Macarons

Impress your friends and family by whipping up a batch of delicious Raspberry Ripple and White Chocolate macarons using this very simple 10-step macaron recipe!

Raspberry Macarons Recipe

If you've tried and failed before, do not despair. Yes, macarons are temperamental creatures and sensitive to the elements. Macaron batter loves air and hates moisture. Sound like goobledy-gook? Let me explain and share a fool-proof macaron recipe here!

Buy Macarons Today, Eat Macarons Tomorrow

We serve a whole variety of the most delicious macarons in our award-winning shop in London, which is only a hop from High Street Kensington and a skip from Notting Hill, and definitely worth the trip from further afield. Read the full post here



10 Last Minute Christmas Gifts 

From Macarons gift boxes to sailing experience around the Isle of Wight, here are 10 last minute Christmas Gifts recommended by Anges de Sucre. Click here for the gift list.  

The Macaron - here to stay 

A luxurious filling, normally ganache, sandwiched between two perfectly formed meringue cookies is the beautiful dessert known as a Macaron that has been around for over a hundred years and is here to stay. Click here or on the picture to read the full story. 


Very Merry Marshmallows and Macarons

There's no denying...this has GOT to be the MOST twinkly, baubley, Christmassy and OTT festive shop ever, in Kensington, London, England, THE WORLD, filled with the warming and inviting aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and hot chocolate and brimming with fluffy gourmet goodies - our best-selling and new seasonal flavours of marshmallows, macarons and MUFFLES!

 Last Minute Christmas Gift Shop Kensington

Click here to see more of what's in store!

Merry Macarons for Christmas

Macarons are as perfect as tasty stocking fillers, last-minute Christmas gifts at the dinner table or under the tree, as they are as a painter's canvas!

Christmas Macarons

We hosted some super fun Merry Macaron decorating masterclasses at Jack Wills' flagship store in Soho on the very festive Carnaby Street. There were some super serious piping skills on display, first demonstrated by the Anges from Anges de Sucre and then followed by the participants with really impressive and beautiful results to show off! See more of our Christmas macarons here.

Macaron Tower: Colour Clash

Macaron towers are just simply spectacular, even more so when dressed in beautiful blooms, flowers and foliage. This tower in particular, styled by Louise Beukes of BLoved, is one that takes my breath away every time I see it!

Macaron Tower UK 

This arrangement is ideal for the bride looking for something unique, effectively dramatic and stylish, with the added bonus of macarons being naturally gluten-free. Macaron towers make a great gluten-free wedding cake alternative and also as unique edible favours and place-settings for your guests. More on this gorgeous macaron tower here.


The Best Marshmallows You've Ever Tasted

Fussing over what gift to take to a dinner party that's sure to surprise (pleasantly!)? Wanting a wow-factor sweet treat for a baby or bridal shower? Arranging a sumptuous wedding dessert table? Or simply relaxing and curling up on the sofa with a steaming mug of hot chocolate?

Best Gourmet Marshmallows London UK Online Shop

Look no further than these light-as-air delights, as our acclaimed marshmallows are as amazing to display in a party spread as they are dunked in mugs. More on marshmallows here.


'Nuts-about-Ella' Nutella, Hazelnuts and Chocolate Macaron

There's literally nothing more pleasing than spooning Nutella into the mouth straight from the jar. Well, actually there is. It's the Nuts-about-Ella macaron available exclusively at Anges de Sucre's beautiful Kensington coffee shop in London!

 Nutella Chocolate Macarons London UK

Cocoa-meringue macaron cookies filled with Nutella, cream and dark Belgian chocolate, glazed with smooth milk chocolate and topped with crunchy crushed hazelnuts. Get the full scoop here.

The 'All-Americana' Peanut Butter & Banana Macaron

Did you know that November was National Peanut Butter Lovers Month? No?! Well, now you definitely do, and yes, it is most certainly a legit holiday-month thing. To celebrate this most legit holi-month there simply is no better way than to devour Anges de Sucre's All-Americana Organic Peanut Butter and Banana macarons - exclusively available as part of our Double-Dip macaron flavours from our gorgeous shop in Kensington, London. 

Peanut Butter and Banana Macarons London UK

Click here to read about what these delicious treats are made of.



Macaron Towers Now Available to Customise and Order Online



We are pleased to announce that you can now order and customise our Macaron Towers online. Click here to read the full post.  

Best Coffee Shop in Kensington - Time Out Love London Award

We're the WINNER of Time Out's Love London Awards for the Best Café or Coffee Shop in Kensington title!

Time Out London London Award Winner Best Coffee Shop

With more than 67,000 people casting nearly 300,000 votes for their neighbourhood's favourite pubs, cafes, restaurants, shops and things to do, we are over the moon about winning. The Love London Awards were introduced by Time Out to celebrate great independent and small local businesses, and we hope this encourages everyone to support their favourite locals!

Click here to read more about this awesome award! Coffee Shop in Kensington.  

Top 5 Wierd and/or Wonderful Hybrid Food Mash-Ups

Having launched my own delicious new hybrid food baby, Muffles, aka Marshmallow Truffles, and with a whole new respect for cool and kooky food mash-ups launched in recent years, here is a compilation of my Top 5 Weird and/or Wonderful Hybrid Food Trends.

Guy Fawkes, Gourmet Marshmallows and Going to Heaven

Bonfire night is upon us again and what could be more romantic and relaxing than roasting a gooey, oozy, fluffy, gourmet mmmmm marshmallow around a blazing fire? Followed by swirling a delectable, delicious marshmallow into a steaming, yummy, creamy mug of hot chocolate.

Best Gourmet Vanilla Marshmallows London UK

First, for the benefit of your guests, remind them of the marshmallow test conducted by Professor Walter Mischel who experimented with marshmallows - more of which is right here.

The BEST Marshmallows on the PLANET!

We've got ourselves quite the reputation in just 5 months of opening. 'Best Coffee in Kensington' (nominated in Time Out's Love London Awards for Best Coffee Shop - whoop!), 'Best Macarons in London', and now the 'World's BEST Marshmallows' as hailed by the Guardian Observer, Absolutely Magazines AND our cherished customers!

We now have an INCREDIBLE new marshmallow flavour and offering available - the all new Kensington S'more! Organic vanilla bean pods, with a hint of warming cinnamon, draped in slowly tempered smooth Belgian milk chocolate and a crushed Speculoos cookie crumble topping! Quite literally, INCREDIBLE.

The Best Marshmallows in London, UK - S'mores and Dipping Chocolate

What's more, (hah, see what I did there?), we've also just got in store a fabulous Molten Chocolate Dispensing 'Dalek'. Intrigued? Read more here

Say Hello to the MUFFLES aka Marshmallow Truffles

New Food Trend ALERT! You've seen the cronut, the duffin and the biskie, and now there's a new hybrid baby in town - the MUFFLE, aka Marshmallow Truffle. Sounds part delicious, part hilarious, part ridiculous...and it is ALL of that.

Muffles marshmallow truffles

I am SO thrilled to launch Anges de Sucre's own original gourmet creation, a delightful marshmallow and chocolate truffle hybrid – the first ever Muffles.

Each individually hand-crafted Muffle features a smooth Belgian white, milk or dark chocolate shell, embellished with crushed nuts or cookies and filled with a freshly-whipped, light and airy marshmallow with a secret soft gooey core of rich chocolate ganache. The Muffles are fun, frivolous and delicious treats with a smooth domed almost-planetary appearance and contrasting inner layers. Read more about these gourmet delights here.

Luxury Gourmet Christmas Gifts - Early Bird Offer

Longer eves, crisper air, fallen leaves and clocks turning back...summer's truly behind us but the Big C for Christmas is still a whole 10 weeks away. 10 weeks may sound like an age away, however it's these weeks that always seem to whizz by and before you know it it's the last weekend before Christmas and you're trapped in the manic high street stampede for last minute gifts and stocking fillers.

Luxury Christmas Gourmet Gifts

So to help you avoid going cray-cray and encourage you to get organised we're offering FREE SHIPPING on all Grande Christmas macarons gift boxes on pre-order which also includes our exclusively designed sweet gift wrapping completely complementary! But hurry, as the offer is valid on all grande Christmas macaron gift box pre-orders until the 14th of November. Read more here

A Kensington Gem

The word 'Kensington' conjures up palaces, parks, Peter Pan and posh.

To a previous generation it meant only one thing - Biba. A generation of ‘swingers’ were seduced by the Bohemian allure: the opulence, the artistic and the art nouveau intrigued us – and so did the price. A classy store which we all could enjoy. Read more about a bygone era here.

Top 5 Wedding Macaron Towers

While we relax a little after an amazing summer full of beautiful and unique weddings where we have had our macaron and marshmallow favours, pops and macaron towers make a delightful appearance I am so overjoyed to realise this is our THIRD year of catering my favourite occasions - WEDDINGS!


Of everything we have supplied for weddings my favourite has to be our macaron towers. They can be as dressy as one wants or as simple yet effortlessly chic. Colourful as a carnival, pretty in pastels, opulent ombre - with such a versatile product the possibilities are countless! We've delivered our gorgeous macaron towers across the country in all types of venues - gorgeous manor houses, luxe 5-star hotels, rustic barns, as well as intimate pubs and private homes.


Despite how hard it has been to choose... I'm going to attempt to list my top 5. See them here!

Best Coffee in London - The Metro's Favourite Coffee Hangout

Yesterday's issue of the Metro, the quintessential London commuter's free paper, featured a striking cover feature on us in their popular EAT section on Cold Brew coffee along with the following snippets about Anges de Sucre's Kensington coffee, macaron and marshmallow shop:  

"Londoner Reshmi Bennett’s beautiful Kensington patisserie that is light years away from the chains when it comes to knocking back coffee.”

The feature goes on to describe the shop front, “hand-painted with hydrangeas and peonies” and the “sea of marshmallows and macarons that await inside".

"Sound heavenly? It is – and did we mention the incredible cold drip contraptions that add a glorious oldfactory dimension? Willy Wonka, eat your heart out.” Read the full post here. 



Our marshmallows have been placed in the limelight taking centre-stage in the Sunday Mirror's review of the best gourmet marshmallows in the UK! Not just that, yours truly was also interviewed and asked what's making marshmallows so in vogue right now.  Read the full story here. 

Forbes Article - A Londoner's Guide to Kensington by Reshmi Bennett



Ooh this is exciting...I was interviewed last week by Forbes Magazine!

Having been a local in the Kensington/Notting Hill area for a long while now I was rather flattered to be given the 'Insider' status by a journalist from Forbes and asked to dish about my favourite bits about the locale closest to my heart in London. Read the full story here. 


Sweets for My Sweet, Sugar for My Honey - Free Macaron Delivery 

Luxury Gift - Macarons Delivery UK

In response to all the great press recognition we have received as of late (oh please let me brag again about this in the Daily Mail...and umm THIS in the OBSERVER!) we are so fortunate to now be able to offer FREE SHIPPING (next-day* delivery too - whoop!) on all orders over £35 on our online luxury gift shop! Read full story here.


New artisan patisserie makes the BEST marshmallows you've ever tasted - The Observer Magazine


How EPIC is that quote?? Just to put the epicness of the above line into context, The Observer is the first and the oldest Sunday paper to be published ever in the WORLD on 4th December 1791 (my birthday actually...only 200-odd years ago), and to be included in their carefully curated Top 5 picks of the week is possibly one of the biggest compliments ever. Read the full story here. 


Launching Double Dip Macarons for Delivery Across Mainland UK


Of our whole new range of flavours launched, we do have a very special range exclusively at Anges de Sucre, London - the Double-Dip macarons! After months of technique-tweaking and taste-testing in the lab kitchen we are SO EXCITED to have invented and to unveil our very own special recipes of macarons unlike any other and in flavours unique to Anges de Sucre, glazed with a smooth Belgian chocolate coating and rolled in fruit or nuts. Read the full story here. 



The Anges de Sucre London MAcaron and Coffee Shop and Wedding Macarons favours featured in Wedding Magazine! 


Yeah so I’m kinda getting all show-offy about the recent press we’re getting for the shop. And here I go again…except this issue of Wedding Magazine is SO SPECIAL! Almost as special as this one where our own wedding was featured…just almost ;) But anyway, here’s why it’s SO SPECIAL! Read the full story here. 


The New Anges de Sucre Patisserie serving up Macarons, Marshmallows and more in London Trend-Spotted!


In our incredibly short time of being open at 1 Holland Street, Kensington, our little World of Anges has been cropping up in press already! It’s always nice to hear when people walk in for the first time and exclaim, ‘WOW!’, but it’s especially nice when they also follow it up by saying, ‘I’ve read about this new macaron/marshmallow/coffee place in...’ :) Read the full story here.


Beloved Bloggers' Summer Soirée Chez Anges


A few weeks ago we hosted the official opening of our little pied-à-paradise for some of London's lovely bloggers. My sweet friend Caroline of Cocktails and Caroline (she's the wife of one of my oldest buddies from uni - so super yays!) rallied some of the coolest people with their fingers firmly on this fast city's pulse. Read the full story here. 


Wedding - Rosie & Frank's London Love - Macaron Tower


With wedding season in full swing now I'm taking a rare breather from the heat in the kitchen to reminisce about some of my favourite weddings from the last season. Rosie and Frank's timelessly beautiful wedding is one of my absolute favourites because it was planned by one of my top wedding planner recommendations - Andri Benson of Always Andri, featured more than three hundred macarons in classic flavours and pastel-muted tones arranged on a statuesque 10-tier tower. Read the full post here. 


Finding Pretty at 1 Holland Street Kensington, the New Anges du Sucre Patisserie   



Woohoo - our first official set of photos of Anges de Sucre at 1 Holland Street by Anneli Marinovich are in! See the full post here. 




Hey! So you may notice a shiny new website around here. We're still doing some tweaks here and there and while I loved our old website this one has some rad new features. The raddest can now select exactly which flavours you'd like for us to place into your beautiful gift boxes! YAY! Oh, and you can also add our fabulous new own tea blends and fabulous hot chocolates to further spoil yourself or anyone else! Read the full post here. 


The Anges has arrived in West London with the best COFFEE


The Best Coffee in Town has arrived after 8 weeks of building mayhem we have finally opened our Parma Gray door serving delectable coffees roasted by Coutume in Paris from our super bling Kees Van der Westen Spirit espresso machine, our own tea blends - Earl Vanille, Anges Apres-Midi and Peachy Paisley, complementing the range of fluffy marshmallows and macarons! Oh and have I mentioned the hot chocolate? Spoilt for choice with milk, white or dark pure single origin chocolates steamed with organic milk by our Kees Spirit espresso machine for a truly rich indulgence - perfect for marshmallow dunking action! Read about the Best Coffee in Town here. 



Grande Box of Macarons presented in a Luxury Gift Box Up For Grabs for delivery throughout the UK


Macaron Gift Box

Our little London Shop is nestled right in between some really lovely spots of London, such as the Kensington Palace and gardens, High Street Kensington and Notting Hill Gate for sight-seeing and shopping, with some old-school and gorgeous pubs like The Windsor Castle, Churchill Arms and Hansom Cab for drinking and dining. In addition to the above, where you could easily while away the daytime, there are some fabulous places to hang in the evenings such as Dirty Bones (really succulent posh fried chicken and fancy quaffable cocktails) and the Piano Bar (live piano sing-along-good-time-raucousness). Read the full Macaron story here. 


The Anges are Coming to TOWN to serve Macarons, Marshmallows and more


Anges de Sucre macaron coffee shop Kensington London


Our biggest ever news to date - After almost 18 months of scouring West London, we've gone and got ourselves a swanky little spot in the heart of Kensington to house our jewel-like macarons, pillow-soft marshmallows, some of the best coffees specially roasted in Paris by Coutume, divine range of hot chocolates (hot Chocolat Blanc and fresh framboise for dunking a freshly whipped Vanilla Bean marshmallow? Oui oui!) as well as exclusive Anges tea blends to complement our sweet delights! Read the full story here. 


Say it with Macarons and Flowers this Valentine's


Valentines Day Interesting Facts and Trivia


Most of us are quite happy to have big adieu to January. For me, it's not so much as bidding adieu to Jan as much as it is saying Hola to Feb! The month of love, pink, red roses, heart-shaped everything. But how much do you know about Valentine's Day? Read the full Valentine's post here


Marshmallows Part 1: The Ultimate Signature Collection - Available online now


Raspberry Ripple Marshmallows

Handmade marshmallows. That's the real deal. Light as air, pillowy bouncy treats. And you know what's more? Virtually FAT FREE! How awesome is that? Yeah, calorie-shmalories are still about but I'm going to carry on waving the Fat-Free-flag and indulge my sweet tooth over and over again. Read the full Marshmallow post here. 


Hot Off the Press! Wedding Magazine Feb March 2014


Wedding Magazine Feb Mar 2014 cover

And what an AMAZING way to kick off the sparkling new year! The latest issue of Wedding Magazine has hit the stands and it's got a gapey-mouthed-drop-dead-gorgeous-like reception shoot by the Wedding editorial team including yours truly's BLING-FANTASTIC genuine gold leaf embellished vanilla bean and emerald lime macarons and gold-flake marshmallows in association with The Abigail Bloom Cake Company. Look...look...LOOK! Read the full Wedding post here.


Happy 2014!


A few of many 2013 Anges highlights

Not bragging or anything...but it's been such a year for Anges! Bigger brighter premises, new product range developments, fabulous press, shiny new mac-daddy of an oven, exciting collaborations with top-dog creatives such as BerinMade for our super popular Christmas Limited Edition macaron gift sets, incredible weddings and events all over from London to Saint Tropez, ummm it is kinda dangerously sounding like a full-on brag huh? Read the full story here


The Macaron Elf's Christmas Wish List


Freya Rose Lila Accessories Shoe Clip

Less than 10 days away! Holy Moly Guacamole! And I've got my eyes on some real cool stuff I'm hoping Santa's going to pop under our tree. Ooh look at those lines, curves, bold block colours and dainty doodles. The charger plates, oh please please! Read the full story here. 

A Big Warm Welcome to the Fluffiest Marshmallows



Rose Water and Pistachio topped Marshmallows

I've been bubbling under with some super news and would like to introduce our newest members to the Anges family cosying up to their macaron cousins - the fluffiest marshmallows ever! Read the full Marshmallow post here. 


Married with a Macaron Tower! Katya & Rob's Pastel Pretties at No. 11 Pimlico Road


Pastel Wedding Macaron Tower London UK


Katya and Rob's macaron tower topper was made of sweet pink hydrangeas with a tiny hint of green that was perfect as the tower's crowning glory! Read the full Macaron Tower story here


Season of Sweet Celebrations


Christmas macarons gift box

So what if it's brittle cold outside? All the magical glittery shop windows, sequins, sparkly lights and mulled wine about are warming me up. The eager beavers amongst us already have their calendars filled up with parties and gatherings with friends, families and colleagues, and I'm planning to get Carols at the Royal Albert Hall, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and Belgravia Christmas Market on my own little social agenda when I can squeeze some time out of the kitchen. Read the full Christmas Gift post here.