3 Great Mothers in History

Famous Mothers

I'm here to tell you about some of the most famous mothers in history (just to give you all a reminder well ahead of Mother's Day – March 6th, people! Mark your calendars, don't let your mums down!) 

No.1 Famous Mother: Cleopatra 

We'll start way back BCE with one of the most famous women in ancient history – Cleopatra! Famous for having more than a few husbands during her lifetime, she (thankfully!) produced no sons with her marriages to two of her brothers. These marriages didn't last, and she eventually married Julius Caesar and had a son with him. The Shakespearian-inclined amongst you will know what comes next: a love affair with Mark Anthony which produced three children. While her rule was a complicated one in a period of dynamic changes in empires around the Mediterranean, while she lived she tried to ensure the best possible lives for her children, who would go on to rule over different kingdoms around the region. 
 Mother's Day Historical Mothers - Cleopatra

No. 2 Famous Mother: Eleanor of Aquitaine

Skipping ahead to the medieval period, another famous mother is Eleanor of Aquitaine, better known as the first queen of France. Life for women at the time was undoubtedly very restricted, however Eleanor was a highly intelligent women and knew how to work within the politics of the day to be a supremely successful ruler. She helped to form alliances which resulted in her two sons, Richard and John, later going on to be kings of England!

 Mother's Day Historical Mothers - Eleanor of Aquitane
No. 3 Famous Mother: Queen Victoria

Most of these famous mothers seem to be queens, so we'll move on to one of the most significant women in modern British history, Queen Victoria!
Victoria's reign was the longest in UK history, and she was certainly one of the most powerful figures of her time. Her marriage to Albert was famously passionate, however their happy union was cut short with his death at the age of 42. Victoria never married again, however she had NINE children with Albert! (The film 'The Young Victoria' is questionable in its historical accuracy however Emily Blunt's portrayal of the young queen was superb, as usual). 
 Mother's Day Historical Mothers - Queen Victoria
In Hyde Park you'll find the beautiful Albert Memorial, erected by the mourning Victoria after his death. The whole area echoes of their strong bond, with many places in the area named after him (Royal Albert Hall, Victoria & Albert Museum...) 

Perhaps you may even want to treat your mother to a lovely Mothering Sunday on March 15 with a gourmet gift of London's best macarons, followed by a leisurely stroll in the area (the memorial is only a short walk away through Kensington Gardens), an exhibition at the V&A...or truly spoil her with Madam Butterfly tickets at the grandiose Royal Albert Hall. 
 Royal Albert Hall - Wikipedia
Hope this shed a little light on some of the great and most interesting mothers in history and inspired you to remind your own how great she is this Mother's Day!
All the best,
Viking Two