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Mother's Day and Mothering Sunday

An Important Reminder 

Dear everyone reading this page, from the macaron fanatics to those who appreciate good literature when they see it, to those procrastinating from more important things - I have an important message for all of you. 

You officially have less than a month till Mothering Sunday. 

Yes, March the 15th 2015, which is an incredibly gratifying date, is this year's Mothering Sunday and if you haven't immediately left this page and began frantically searching through Anges de Sucre's vast gourmet gift offerings or the best sellers list on amazon for gift not inspired by 'Fifty Shades of Grey', then I have further news to blow your mind;

Mothering Sunday and Mother's Day are two very different things. 

Now, if you're still with me and didn't flee to Wikipedia to double check what I just told you, then first let me congratulate you, for undoubtedly you shall be one of the gallant leaders of mankind when the Zombie Apocalypse finally hits. And secondly, let me explain myself. 

So Mothering Sunday has its origins in the Christian church and initially didn't really refer to mothers. It's on the fourth Sunday in Lent and signalled a time when people would traditionally return home to their 'Mother' Church... aka the Church they had been born into as children. It may also be known as 'Refreshment' as any children who had left home to take up apprentices could return home and because the fourth Sunday in Lent is about a middle point, the principle of fasting generally relaxed a little and a good meal was had all around. 

Mothering Sunday vs Mother's Day
You may now be asking then, why this Sunday was not called "Student Sunday" as I know that for all students, myself included, the principle of returning home to be fed is one that is close to the heart. Apparently, as these children were returning home, they would pick flowers for their mothers... and gradually the idea of giving gifts to your mum became more traditional than the original purpose of the holiday. 

This Sunday was also known as 'Simnel Sunday' due to the tradition of baking Simnel cakes. They are characterised by the eleven marzipan balls on the top to represent the eleven apostles - minus Judas. We don't mention him. Among all the delicious treats you may find at Anges de Sucre, while traditional Simnel cakes are not one of them we will be having our own modern take with the usual Anges flair topping layer cakes with almond-meringue macarons instead of marzipan balls (I know which one I'd choose!). However if traditional is indeed what you're set on then there are plenty of recipes online, so after you've indulged yourself by ordering from us, you can use this BBC recipeand have a cracking evening reenacting The Great British Bake Off in your own kitchen (with a macaron prize, obvs). 

BBC Food Simnel Cake Recipe
Mother's Day is entirely an American invention and started by Ana Jarvis, a women's rights activist. In 1914, President Woodrow commemorated Jarvis' efforts by declaring the second Sunday in May a National Holiday - something Jarvis had been campaigning for in memory of her own mother. This may also have influenced the UK holiday... particularly as a needed counterpart to the US invented 'Father's Day' (and I can only hope that the Americans produce a "Student's Day" very soon!) 

But despite the differences in origin, in modern day the two holidays are fairly synonymous and all of them involve taking a moment to treat your mum (or 'mum' figure). It doesn't really matter whether you call it "Mother's Day" or "Mothering Sunday" as long as you say thank you to your mum for putting up with you your entire life.

And might I now suggest visiting the best sweet shop in Kensington, for some lovely macarons/marshmallows/muffles/meringue drops/s'mores/tea cakes/all of the above, available in store at 1 Holland Street, or to buy online.

Mother's Day Treat Box

Because you know, if you don't remember this one day of the year...chances are you won't be allowed to forget it for the next 364! ;) 

Now, if you excuse me.... 
Got some sweet treats to pre-order to get my mum sorted!

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