Very Merry Marshmallows and Macarons

There's no denying...this has GOT to be the MOST twinkly, baubley, Christmassy and OTT festive shop ever, in Kensington, London, England, THE WORLD, filled with the warming and inviting aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and hot chocolate and brimming with fluffy gourmet goodies - our best-selling and new seasonal flavours of marshmallows, macarons and MUFFLES!

 Last Minute Christmas Gift Shop Kensington


All it took was a snap of my fingers and Ta-Da! Naah, not really. The transformation was a true labour of love. It took 3 baristas, 3 chefs, 2 florists, 3 days, 4 glasses of mulled wine and 32 cups of coffee (the BEST coffee in Kensington mind you...) to transform our shop from patisserie-paradise to magical-macaron-marshmallow-muffle-wonderland!

 Christmas Macarons and Gourmet Gifts

What I love about Christmas-time most is the togetherness. And getting the shop to look this festive brought us all together and sprung our magical sparkly vision to life. Ooh ooh, I also love the TUNES! We literally have the coolest chrimbo playlist ranging from electro-swing, 60s French Pop, and cheesy Christmas classics. And I LOVE the ridiculous Christmas jumpers too! So yeah, turns out there's a lot I love about the most wonderful time of the year.


Also, have I mentioned we have SANTA CLAUS dishing out free samples of our delicious gourmet macarons and marshmallows?? Don't believe in Santa? Well, I have pictorial evidence right here, so believe it dear reader, he's (or she...) is out there giving out tasty treats on Kensington streets, better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why...

Santa Claus is coming to Anges!

 Christmas Shopping in Kensington West London


Pop over for our widely acclaimed hand-made gourmet marshmallows, and jewel-like macarons. All the Anges classics and favourites will be there PLUS some super special seasonal flavours such as Mint-Choc-Chip and Laura's Love Biscuit!

 Santa Claus Kensington London

See you soon in our sparkly magical lil marshmallow and macaron kingdom,

Reshmi xoxo


ps: if you're unable to pop in-store, fret not as you can have US over! Well, by 'us' I mean the macarons, marshmallows, and now MUFFLES as you can buy online here for delivery all the way up to Christmas Eve. Yay!