Macaroon Tower

Macaroon Towers are a fun, fabulous and festive centerpiece

Wondering if there is a funky alternative to flowers to put as the focal point of the festive table?

Look no further!

Here's something that seems to have been designed with the wow factor to make the viewer take a second look.   A simple, elegant scene stealer to make you squeal with delight. The Macaroon Tower!

Christmas macarons tower gift

Like the extravagant epergne it has French connections but it is here made in the heart of London at available for purchase online for delivery across the UK. It is the ultimate dining room experience, exudes elegance and the epitome of style.

Moreover, as well as creating a good ambience at the dining room table (need this with the in-laws!) they reflect your taste of art and creativity. It creates that extra touch and is so aesthetically pleasing.

And as well as making an impact, it is practical!

Christmas macaroon tower gift

Get your fully customisable Macaroon Tower

You can choose from a cornucopia of riotous colours to complement your dining room décor and the festive season theme.

It’s functional (as well as edible!), the Macaroon tower is arranged in a pyramid. This means your arrangement looks good from all directions – the diners can all look at each other and chat without having to move around the table or move that big bunch of flowers or candles  (and you can keep replacements at hand to replenish the tower so it remains the focal point).

Christmas macaroon tower gift

So if you do not want to be stuck with boring old traditions, have a gi-normous ‘to-do’ Christmas list and do not have oodles and oodles of time, Anges de Sucre is here to help. It’s not only bursting with style but the talented, friendly owner Reshmi Bennett will come to your rescue with truly inspirational and unique ideas for your festive centrepiece so that all that is left on your ‘to-do’ list is to bask in the oohs and aahs of your guests! 

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