Corporate Gift Bags and Order Guide

Our promotional gift bags can be fully personalised. The label can printed in the colour of your choice with your company logo along with a very elegant ribbon which can also show your logo. You can even add a gift message! Alternatively if customisation is not required you can select our elegantly designed packaging. There is no minimum order for the Anges de Sucre packaging and 100 bags if customised. For personalised orders the lead time is approximately 3 weeks and a week for non-customised orders. Please email with your requirements. If you need to send a client a gift, head to our corporate gift page for delicious treats that are sure to impress. 

Promotional Gift Bag of S'Mores

Promotional Gift - S'mores

A gift bag of three S’mores - Inspired by the great American treat, Anges de Sucre’s S'mores are indulgent and decadent versions made with rye biscuits, smooth Belgian Chocolate, our famed fluffy marshmallow and a cheeky twist! Elegantly presented in transparent bag showing off the product with a designer label and ribbon for an luxurious finish.

Promotional Gift Bag of Marshmallows

Promotional Gift - Marshmallows

A gift bag of fluffy Marshmallows full of flavour and light-as-air from our freshly hand whipped Signature collection beautifully presented with a elegant label and luxurious ribbon to make a delectable promotional gift.

Promotional Gift Bag of Meringues

Promotional Gifts - Meringues

A gift bag of the lightest and most delightful Meringue Drops coated in smooth Belgian chocolate like you have never tasted before. Currently available in an assortment of two tantalising flavours packaged in a crisp bag with a label and luxurious feeling ribbon.

Promotional Gift Bag of Teacakes

Promotional Gifts - Teacakes

A gift bag a classic teacakes re-invented by Anges de Sucre. Our tremendous Teacakes are created with beautifully smooth Belgian chocolate, filled with our famed fluffy marshmallow with own-recipe rye biscuit base and a surprise core filling to classic promotional gift. Presented in a clear bag with label and ribbon to provide a classy finish .

Promotional Gift Bag of Muffles

Promotional Gifts - Muffles

A gift bag a Muffles, our signature treat also known as the Marshmallow Truffle. Each individually hand-crafted Muffle features a smooth Belgian white, milk or dark chocolate shell, embellished with crushed nuts or cookies and filled with a freshly-whipped, light and airy marshmallow with a secret soft gooey chocolate truffle core. You won't be forgotten.