Chemex Recipe

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 Chemex Coffee Maker 6 Cup

The Chemex

What you need


The Method

1)          Place the filter inside the Chemex with the triple layer of paper against the spout.

2)          Thoroughly wet the filter paper with sufficient hot water to reach the bubble mark on the Chemex.

3)          Discard the water in the Chemex.  At this point the Chemex should be nice and warm to the touch.

3)          Place the freshly ground coffee (see above for quantity) as evenly as possible onto the filter paper.  

4)          Pour 40 - 60ml of the heated water evenly onto the coffee to wet the granules - the coffee will ‘bloom’ if fresh.

5)          After 30 - 45 seconds continue to pour hot water into the filter paper cone.  Pour half of the measured water. It is important to pour in a circular/spiral motion evenly across the surface avoiding the sides of the filter paper as this will cause uneven extraction as water will filter down the sides, largely missing the coffee granules.

6)          Using the spoon/stirrer, gently stir 3 times avoiding the filter paper completely.

&)          Pour the remaining water over the coffee.

7)           Allow the extraction to continue until almost all of the water has filtered through the coffee, then carefully remove the paper filter and granules from the Chemex. The last part of the extraction can taste a little bitter.

8)          Serve the coffee in the Chemex (swirl the coffee around in a circular motion to mix) and serve.


Some Notes

It is preferential to use only original Chemex Filters as they are quite different from any other and in our experience far superior.

Cleaning the filter is essential to remove the taste of the filter and to warm the Chemex.

The extraction process is helped by soaking the coffee granules [with 40-60 ml of water] at the start of the process to allow more flavour to be imparted onto the rest of the water. 

The total brew time should be between three and a half minutes and four minutes. If it is taking longer, you may need to increase the coarseness of your grind to allow the water to drip through quicker. 

On a side note, single origin coffee beans (the only beans we use at Anges de Sucre) are particularly well suited to the Chemex.