Boys Birthday Cakes

Boy's Birthday Cakes

If you’re looking for a birthday cake for a boys 1st, 18th or 80th birthday. STOP. You’ve finally come to the right place. We’ve got it here. And we’ve got the best.

Treat your son, nephew, grandson to a birthday cake from Anges. Our birthday cakes have never failed to impress any boy, or girl for that matter. We have the most talented bakers in town and the most elaborate decorators to get your birthday cake top notch.

    Boys Birthday Cakes by Anges de Sucre - Fast Food Cake


Get your cake delivered!

We can deliver your birthday cake straight to your London door instead. It’s just a simple tap on the keyboard to get your birthday cake on its way to you, just add in your London postcode at checkout!

If you’re a bit more last minute.com and need a cake tomorrow, give us a call first thing in the morning from 09:00 Monday-Friday and we'll do our best to squeeze your order through!

Less than one-working day notice? Need a cake TODAY?! Save yourself from a cake-catastrophe by calling Selfridges Food Concierge at 0207 318 3458 asap to check availability of same-day cake collection from their bakery counter. After all, we wouldn’t want you downgrading to a preservative ridden supermarket cake.

Our main aim (after we’ve baked your delicious cake) is to get it delivered to you safe and sound, ready for everyone to dive into.

Boy Birthday Cakes by Anges de Sucre - Selfridges Food Concierge

Boys birthday cake creations

Boy, do we have some exciting cake designs under our hat. Take a look at our cake selection or pick up your mobile and call us if you want to create the design yourself. We offer bespoke and personalised cakes options so you get your cake exactly how you want it. You can choose your flavour of sponge, buttercream, glaze and then lash on as many topping as you want. We don’t judge here, go crazy!

What toppings do we have? Well, let’s put it this way, the list of what we don’t have is shorter. You can have choose from our signature macaroon, buttermilk doughnuts, fudge, chocolates, nuts, marshmallows, pretzels. The list goes on so it’s probably best to call us!

If your boy is into cars or anything in particular let us know. We’re a bunch who loves crafts and can make edible figures to be placed on top of any cake. We’ll also swirl on their name and a message to make their cake all about them.

Find out more about how we can personalise or create a bespoke design for you.

Doughnut Cookie Cake by Anges de Sucre

Chat to us

To buy your personalised cake simply add your requirements to the 'special requests' box at checkout and we'll do the rest. Even though we're speedy, be sure to give us 4 working days for your order to be delivered exactly when you want it. Unsure on a design? Don’t know what size to choose? Kid being too fussy? We’re pros at cake solving so relax and let our cherubs fix it. Call 0208 068 0413 or email us at hello@angesdesucre.com today. 


Cake Size Guide

 Tiers Size (inch) Portions
1 8 14
1 10 21
1 12 28
2 6 & 8 22
2 8 &10 35
2 10 & 12 49
3 6, 8 & 12 43
3 8, 10 & 12 63
4 8,10,12& 14 84