About Mother's Day

History of Mother's Day

Here at Anges de Sucre online bakery, the Internets little oasis of foodie goodness, we're already starting to prepare for Mother's Day this year. But how did this little semi-holiday itself begin? Keep reading for your weekly mini history lesson from Viking Two!

Famous Mothers

Shelby here, AKA Viking Two at Anges de Sucre, home of the best macarons in London (this side of the English Channel that is). In vying for the position of resident historian of our online bakery, I'm here to tell you about some of the most famous mothers in history (just to give you all a reminder well ahead of Mother's Day – March 15th, people! Mark your calendars, don't let your mums down!) . Click on the title to read the full story. 


The Best and Worst Mothers


Mother’s Day is here! It’s time to celebrate all mums around the world, good and bad. Read on to discover women from the sweetest souls to the most frightening of mums.



A Mother's Strength - coming soon 

Famous Celebrity Mothers - coming soon