Original Hero Sponge Recipe

Our Original Hero Sponge recipe! Believe the hype.

This recipe has taken many years to perfect and is the most cost-effective, and time-efficient. It is the only sponge recipe we use in our award-winning bakery everyday, with customers coming back to us again and again.


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Here is why it is the most cost-effective, time-efficient and versatile cake recipe -

It replaces the need for butter with oil, ensuring the cake remains moist for far longer. By omitting the use of butter, we also reduce production time as there is no need to wait for butter to come to room temperature or to cream it with caster sugar. 

As we are not creaming butter, we don't need caster sugar. We use granulated sugar instead which is 60% cheaper than caster.

The recipe also only calls for one bowl and you don’t even need a mixer for it. A simple hand whisk or even a wooden spoon will do.  You WILL however need scales as all measurements are in GRAMS.

And no, there is absolutely no compromising on flavour as we use buttermilk or yoghurt in the batter which gives the sponge not only a tender crumb, but also a beautiful flavour, balancing out the sweetness with its natural tang. And with countless variations, based on just the single base recipe, it is the only cake recipe we need.

The sponge itself is moist, flavoursome and has just the right structure to be covered in buttercream or fondant decorations. 

This PDF guide includes a recipe for making 3x 6” layers, 2x 8” layers or 12 muffin-sized cupcakes. It includes 13 different variations. These are:

Chocolate Chip

Oreo (Cookies & Cream)



Peanut Butter


Coffee & Walnut

Red Velvet


Orange Chocolate Chip

Coconut & White Chocolate



It also includes storage instructions to help with making cakes in advance.