Original HERO Sponge Recipe Mug

Our original Hero Sponge recipe has a cult following. This recipe is the cornerstone of our award-winning bakery that keeps our loyal customers coming back for our cakes. Since we revealed our recipe, countless home-bakers and professional bakeries have adopted it up and down the country and worldwide.

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It's nothing short of genius - one bowl, under 10 minutes prep time, no fancy equipment required (other than an oven!), and the most versatile and budget-friendly cake recipe. Most of all, it's absolutely delicious with the most tender and moist even crumb throughout that stays fresh for 5 days (or even longer!).

What could possibly be more genius than our Hero Sponge recipe? The Hero Sponge Recipe on a MUG. This is my second one, exclusively designed and made for myself as a Mother's Day gift (because X-Ray is clearly still too young to go and get one for me) but and it's even cuter than the first.

I listened to X-Ray's feedback on the first mug (if you have to know, yes, he's 5 and has strong opinions) and it made a whole lot of sense. It's now fully illustrated - including the ingredients and method with arrows so little ones can follow it too! Plus, it includes 6 variations - Pistachio, Red Velvet, Coffee, Cookies and Cream, Lemon and Chocolate! All my favourite flavours on ONE MUG.

No more getting your phone grubby by having to find the recipe and scroll. No more having printouts buried deep in your pile of recipe books. With this mug, the recipe is RIGHT IN YOUR HAND AND FACE. The recipe included on the mug is for 6" or 8" layer cakes or 12 large cupcakes.

It's a colossal size - 15 oz. And it's BEAUTIFUL with a yellow handle and yellow on the inside for happy baking brews. That's just shy of half a litre of your favourite cuppa btw. It's made of high-quality ceramic and is microwave and dishwasher-safe. 

DELIVERY - We use Royal Mail tracked 48 hour parcel delivery! Pre-order now for Mother's Day!

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