A Step by Step Guide for ordering your Wedding Cake

We know ordering your wedding cake can be a daunting prospect. Fear not, we’ve made it a super-easy pain-free process. To show you just how easy it is to order your dream wedding cake, we’ve put together a simple step by step order guide explaining all:


Step 1 – Pick your Wedding Cake

If you if you don’t have a cake in mind, first head on over to our wedding cake collection and explore the range.


Step 2 – Sizes and Portions

Once you have found your perfect wedding cake, you will need to decide what size you want. To help you along take a look at our wedding cake size and portion guide.


Step 3 – Customisation

If you would like to customise your wedding cake, get in touch by email or phone for more information.


Step 4 – Delivery

If ordering online, simply select your delivery date during checkout. If you have order a customised wedding cake we will confirm the details by email. Learn more about wedding cake delivery here.  


Step 5 – Payment

If ordering from our online bakery payment will be processed online using card or Paypal. Otherwise we will send you invoice that can also be paid online.      


Step 6 – Take a breath

You are all done! The Angels will bake your Wedding Cake in London and our trusty driver will deliver it ready for your big day.


Got more questions? Check out our Wedding Cake FAQs are get in touch by phone or email.