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Anges de Sucre is an award winning online cake shop based in London. We offer free delivery of our luxury cakes to Soho and to any venue of your choice. Our cakes use the finest ingredients and each cake is baked and decorated by a professional chef. 

Cakes in Soho

Feeling a bit peckish? Need a cake to brighten up your upcoming party in Soho? Got a hankering for a delicious slice of Anges De Sucre cake? No problem! We’ve got you covered with free delivery throughout central London.

In our big bright city, it’s easy enough to get distracted by the thousands of sweet treats on offer. But if you’re looking for something really special, something that elicits an “oooohh wow” rather than an “oh that’s nice”, you need to place an order with our online bakery Soho shindig.

Lying smack bang in the middle of London, Soho is the epicentre of Zone 1 celebrations. Birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, weddings, hen dos, office parties, general get togethers…. there are so many places to organise your event, we deliver to every single one of them!

Not only is this an area rich in culture and fun, it’s also home to some seriously clever historical figures (who, we’re totally sure, would enjoy biting into one of our chocolate peanut butter maltshake cupcakes). The first draft of Das Kapital was written in a small flat on Dean Street in 1867 by none other than Karl Marx, plus the greatest invention ever – the television – was built in a laboratory on Frith Street in 1926. So as well as being the place to be now, Soho was pretty epic a few hundred years ago too!



VIEW ALL BIRTHDAY CAKESBirthday Cake at Dishoom, Soho

From the shops and eateries on colourful Carnaby Street to the countless theatres and vintage clothes shops, Soho is a delicious mix of weird, wonderful and quirky, which is exactly why Anges De Sucre cakes fit in so damn well.

Carnaby Street, Soho

Our cakes can be delivered to the restaurant, park, pub, bar or Soho venue where you are celebrating completely free of charge! Whether you’re chowing down on a birthday meal at Burger and Lobster on Dean Street or having a champagne-fuelled afternoon at The Ivy, our temperature controlled cake mobile will be there. Choose a Choco Swirl number cake to help you shout about being a year older, or a sophisticated Tea Time Treats cake for a subtler nod to your age.

Burger and Lobster, Soho

The Ivy, Soho



So much to do, so little time! Soho is packed with fun filled activities for the family, which makes it an ideal area to hold your child’s birthday. For the really little ones, why not plan a summer picnic in beautiful Soho Square? They can run around and exhaust themselves, while you and your parent pals can enjoy a few slices of our Rainbows and Unicorn cake. Vanilla sponge, soft and fluffy buttercream, chocolate treat decorations….don’t waste it on the kids!

Rainbow & Unicorn Cake

For older children, Soho is like an adventure playground. There are shows to see, museums to visit, Harry Potter themed walking tours and an Anges De Sucre birthday cake to suit your child’s style. Choose your venue, order your cake and we’ll deliver.

Soho Square



Wedding Cake

Weddings in Soho already have an eye-popping postcode, so why not add to the wow factor with one of our uber cool and super on trend Croquembouche cakes? We don’t like to show off (well only a little bit), but these majestic beauties have been making a mark on the wedding blog scene and are fast becoming one of our most popular online orders.

Six Storeys, Soho.

Soho weddings are not only ideal for the central location, but venues like The Soho Hotel or Six Storeys add an air of exclusivity to that special day. Go traditional, or get a bit crazy, the Anges De Sucre team can make a wedding cake for a small Soho gathering or can build up to four-tiers of mouthwatering goodness for you and your guests to enjoy. Browse our full wedding cake selection here and be sure to order as early as possible!

Soho Hotel



It’s easier than ever to order your special cake online. Once you’ve found the style you love, just choose the size and we will do the rest. We deliver to venues all over central London and in Soho free of charge and, best of all, free of any added stress to your busy day.

At Anges De Sucre, we aim to make your party planning a little bit easier and a lot more fabulous! Happy ordering!


Oscar Wilde used to say: “Oh, I love London Society! It is entirely composed of beautiful idiots and brilliant lunatics. Just what society should be.” No better words could describe Soho, home to a diverse, fun-loving crowd of tourists and Londoners alike, who are enjoying the many perks of this lively district. Throwing a party in Soho? Dress up, buy some extra glitter, order one of our extravagant cakes and get it delivered to your doorstep!

Soho is the epicentre of the London entertainment industry. Its many theatres, cabarets and music halls have inspired artists and made the neighbourhood one of the most vibrant, open-minded places in the British capital. All year round, Soho is home to London’s LGBT scene, hosting parties and cultural events. During pride week, the streets of Soho turn into one big party celebrating equality and inclusion. There is no better place in the city to organise an exclusive party and get one of our glorious rainbow cakes . Get your party supplies at So High Soho and dress up with fancy party accessories like fake moustaches, glittery hats, wigs and costumes.

For everyone that likes to relax with a cup of tea or cold brewed coffee instead of a trendy cocktail - Soho has more to offer than just some sultry fun after midnight. Dean Street, for example, is filled with outstanding restaurants offering everything from fine dining to high-class street food. Impossible to miss the Chinatown gate offering a glimpse into another world, where you might get the best roasted duck in the city. Celebrate the Chinese new year with one of our amazing cakes and get them delivered to Soho.

From extravagant to classy and simple - our cake options are as varied as Soho. All you need to do is choose your favourite which, we must admit, might be quite challenging with all those fabulous options.

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