Best Unicorn Birthday Cakes

Get your favourite, customised unicorn cake delivered across London, Surrey, and Berkshire

Our unicorn birthday cakes are just as unbelievable as real-life unicorns. Nope, you can't actually believe in unicorns as they are mythical creatures, kind of like a horse with a single horn projecting from their foreheads. Sometimes with wings. And sometimes, with colourful manes and tails. However, they still aren’t real. So if you wanted a unicorn for your birthday, we are sorry to say, you can’t have one.

However, our unicorn birthday cakes are very real and possibly one of the fewest, and most delicious, ways you can make anyone’s unicorn dreams come true. Whilst we do do the staple style of a round cake with an edible sugar horn and buttercream piping for the unicorn’s mane, we feel this style has been done-to-unicorn-death in 2012. We are in a new decade now, and it’s time to update this style.

Enter our Fat Unicorn cake. A unicorn that knows how to have fun - have its cake AND eat it. And if you want to get really extra with your unicorn love, you don’t have to look any further than our Unicorn Meta Rainbow cake. Because what could literally be better than a unicorn? Obviously a unicorn with a rainbow.

If you’d like to customise your unicorn cake in any way - say, you have a favourite colour like pink unicorn cake, or would like to switch up the décor, simply shoot us an email with your special requests. Please include some other basic details such as ballpark budget, approximate portions, delivery date and delivery post-code and we’ll do our best to make your unicorn cake of dreams come true.

The final word on our Unicorn birthday cakes? You really do have to see it to believe it.