Themed Wedding Cakes

Delicious chocolate and vanilla sponges, swiss meringue buttercream and a load of sparkles and glitter. With our themed wedding cakes nothing is too special for your special day. Pay tribute to your childhood heroes and order our Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake or literally make fairy tales come true with our Unicorn Wedding Cake!

A themed wedding cake, as unique as you

No compromises necessary - your wedding cake should match your quirky personality and celebrate your love in style. Make one of our themed cakes the highlight of your evening and show your family and friends that you are the master of flamboyant party planning. You decide if you want to give your elegant classic wedding a humorous twist or if you go full in with a themed celebration that goes against all usual wedding conventions.

Our themed wedding cakes are perfect for couples who like to add a dash of extra fun to their day. A delicious highlight that will be talked about for the years to come. You find a price overview here, giving you insights into the different size options.

Make your cake compliment your decoration

Our themed wedding cakes are made from the best ingredients. Discover the Mermaid Croquembouche Wedding Cake that would make Ariel (and all other Disney princesses and princes) jealous. Layers of vanilla sponge, heavenly swiss meringue buttercream, tempting eclairs and macaron oysters - all in a dreamy mix of pink, turquoise, coral and silver sprinkles. Sounds tempting? We have not even mentioned the glazed baked doughnuts, profiteroles, popcorn, white chocolate pearls and baroque design yet! Make your cake fit your perfect romantic wedding dress and your amorous decoration. Set the table in elegant pastel colours and make sure to have the photo booth ready for the party after dinner. Buy some aquatic inspired props and invite your loved ones s to dress for the occasion. Make it a party full of mermaids, nymphs, and fairies.

How about a dash of extravagance?

You need something a bit more skewed that celebrates not only your happy union but also your shared love for...sushi? Yeah, you heard right. Pay tribute to your obsession for nigiri, California rolls and unique party cakes with our Sushi Wedding Cake. You can expect swiss meringue buttercream, Belgian chocolate and of course delicious chopsticks, sushi rolls and little pots of soy sauce (filled with chocolate). Basically, the most memorable cake ever. Make sure to check out our size & portion guide to choose the right cake for your wedding party.

Delivery options London & UK

Order one of our themed wedding cakes and make them the highlight of your night. You can even personalise them by adding text and special elements and can get them delivered to your doorstep. Make sure to plan ahead for a splendid fete. We offer delivery throughout London and the UK, you can view the delivery rates to all postcodes here. Once you got your theme right you will for sure find the right cake for your happy union. No matter if you pay tribute to your favourite dish, take a trip to Wonderland or celebrate your obsession with unicorns.