Theme Birthday Cakes

Get themed birthday cake delivered across London, Surrey, and Berkshire

Whilst each person is unique, one thing that is definitely common to us all is that we want to feel special on our birthday.

What makes a birthday special? A theme, and in particular, a themed birthday cake! Themes can range from anything to everything. Whether it is the birthday boy or girl’s favourite colours, TV show or movie. Or perhaps a child’s favourite animal or superhero. It could be a favourite hobby, or even taking inspiration from favourite foods. And birthday cakes are one of the most obvious and easiest ways to include in a theme.

For a pretty-in-pink birthday party, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our Pink Cakes collection. For an afternoon tea themed Birthday, our Tea-Time Treats cake is perfect. For the dim sum or sushi lover, we have just the right cakes to make a grand appearance at a themed birthday party.

And if it’s a kiddy themed birthday…we have our super popular Peter Rabbit, Treasure Island, rainbow unicorn cakes, or Safari Animal cakes amongst many other novelty theme designs to choose from!

Types of Theme Birthday Cakes We Can Make for You









Christmas Tree


Kung Fu Panda


Or whatever you say!

But if you haven’t come across your specific theme in our vast collection, just pop over an email to us with your theme details! Please do include some basic information such as ballpark budget, approximate portion numbers, delivery date and postcode. We can then work out what we can offer that’s perfectly suited to your own theme.