Hero Sponge Recipe - Chocolate Variations

This signature Hero Sponge recipe has taken many years to perfect and is the most cost-effective, and time-efficient. And is so easy VERSATILE LIKE NOTHING ELSE.


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It replaces the need for butter with oil, ensuring the cake remains moist for far longer.  

As we are not creaming butter, we don't even need caster sugar. We use granulated sugar instead which is 60% cheaper than caster.


By omitting the use of butter, we also reduce production time. No more hanging around for butter to come to room temperature or to cream it with caster sugar.


With ingredients all listed in grams and in the order that go into the bowl, this is the easiest recipe to follow. You also do not need any special equipment or mixers - a simple hand whisk or even a wooden spoon will do. 


One batter - countless flavour possibilities! You only ever need this one batter which can be flavoured right at the end with anything you fancy.


And no, there is absolutely no compromising on flavour as we use buttermilk or yoghurt in the batter which gives the sponge not only a tender crumb, but also a beautiful flavour.

The sponge itself is moist, flavoursome and has just the right structure to be covered in buttercream or fondant decorations. 

This guide includes all the instructions you'd need to create layer cakes in 6" and 8" sizes, mini cupcakes, cupcakes and muffins. It also includes three different variations on chocolate sponge - Classic Chocolate, Double Chocolate, and Chocolate Orange.