Purple & Lavender Cakes

Explore our world renowned cakes in an array of purple, mauve, violet and lavender hues. This pleasing palette is designed for any fan of purple (or Prince!) They're utterly unique – and, of course, they taste divine.

Get in the Purple Mood. Purple cakes definitely say romance, but they also say a little something about style and glamour – after all, it's the traditional colour of royal gowns and crowns. So if you want to make a big impact at your event or celebration, you'll find a purple cake will certainly look the part.

A Haze of Purple Cakes

Let's face it, a purple cake is down right luxurious. So if you're going for a purple wedding theme you're going to need our Royal Cream Cascade Purple Wedding Cake to complete the look – it's the height of indulgent luxury. This cake truly oozes opulence: smatterings of genuine gold leaf drift over purple ombre buttercream – dropping through the tiers from lilac to the deepest of deep purples. In a creamy cascade of ivory Swiss meringue buttercream swirls and flowers lie golden chocolate pearls. Check out MacDaddy's Party Cake the ultimate purple birthday cake that's all about the good times. An explosion of multi-coloured macarons and rainbow sprinkles top this lavender-coloured cake, and under the explosion lies a Belgian chocolate eruption of its own – smothering the layers of vanilla sponge and buttercream in chocolatey goodness.

As impressive as these cakes are, you know it’s said that purple encourages creativity. So why not pull out all the stops, be bold and be brave, and design your own purple cake with Anges de Sucre? Or at least personalise one of ours with a special message on a chocolate plaque.

Delivery in London

Because our cakes are fragile, we will personally drive your purple cake to you as soon as it is baked and in plenty of time for your celebration – taking the stress out of the delivery for you. We deliver across London and the UK – find our delivery rates here. We recommend giving us as much notice as possible when you order your cake online, especially if you want it to be personalised. Should you have any queries or special requests, do ask; we are always happy to advise you regarding your delivery options, taking care of the fine details so your celebration can be worry-free.