If you're in search of a Posh cake for a special occasion, Anges has got you covered! Our exclusive collection of Posh Cakes is tailored for those who desire to leave an impression with a sophisticated and stunning centrepiece.

We provide the convenience of POSH cake delivery and online ordering to enable you to buy our luxury cakes from the comfort of your own home. Our skilled cake makers are based in London and use only the finest recipes and ingredients, such as Swiss Meringue buttercream, Belgian chocolate, and Madagascan vanilla, to produce our delicious flavour combinations.

For those looking for a "posh cake near me," we offer free delivery to most areas in London, Surrey, and Berkshire. Plus, we add a free personalised chocolate plaque to make your cake extra special!

Check out our exquisite Posh Cakes here, which include the super popular Posh Pistachio cake and Japanese Matcha Sakura cake. Order online today to experience true luxury with our cakes for your upcoming special occasion or celebration.

The Apex of Posh Cakes in London

In the fashion of a rare Dior creation, our posh cakes provide a culinary adventure that outrivals everyday indulgence. These confections are a decadent salute to the refined world of patisserie. Every bite is a journey, exposing an intensity of culinary pleasure that will mesmerise even the most demanding cake aficionados.

Bespoke Posh Cakes: The Zenith of Distinction

At Anges de Sucre, we cherish the distinct charm unique to every festivity. Our bespoke posh cakes align with this ethos, making your occasion an indisputable emblem of singularity. Incorporate a personalised chocolate inscription that mirrors your unique character, making the cake an accurate representation of your persona. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary or a gala event, our exclusive posh cakes will undoubtedly inspire your guests to offer a silent ovation in admiration.

Claim Your Posh Cake Today

Why pine for the next lunar eclipse when you can revel in one of our opulent posh cakes today? Submit your order online and eagerly anticipate the arrival of a freshly curated masterpiece, dispatched to your preferred locale like a prestigious royal missive from our patisserie. Enjoy complimentary delivery within the regal territories of London, Surrey, and Berkshire, a service that's practically a royal decree. Do remember to place your order early to ensure availability. 

Testimonials: Acclaim from Our Patrons

Rather than just take our word for it, listen to the chorus of praise from our treasured clientele:


And don't just depend on our vouching alone. Here are testimonials from our customers, individuals from all walks of life, expressing their delight about our posh cakes:

"Had one of Anges de Sucre's posh cakes at a gathering. It was a hit! Incredible flavours, moist, and tasted amazing. Took centre stage for sure!" - David.M

"For my birthday, I decided to try a posh cake from Anges de Sucre. It was hands-down the best decision. The cake was beautifully designed and the taste was out of this world. I wholeheartedly endorse them!" - Sarah.J

"If you're like me and love a bit of luxury, you've got to try a posh cake from Anges de Sucre. It's a perfect blend of grand taste and just the right sweetness. Can't wait to order another!" - Michael.L

You can have your cake delivered anywhere you like – our drivers are in-house so we can be very flexible. Restaurants, offices and home addresses are all normal delivery locations.

2 weeks is recommended. We have limited availability reserved for orders placed up to 2 days before.

If you are unavailable at any point between 09:00-17:00 we would recommend providing detailed alternative instructions on a safe place or nominate a neighbour/porter/concierge who is willing to accept your perishable item on your behalf.