Nutella Cakes

Smooth, creamy and utterly dreamy, Nutella cakes always go down a treat. Just imagine that hazelnut, chocolatey goodness whirled into Swiss meringue buttercream, oozing between layers of fluffy sponge.

The wonderfully chocolatey, nutty cake

Who doesn’t love a good dollop of Nutella? We don’t know anyone who would turn it down. Made from hazelnuts and cocoa, Nutella has been around for well over half a century. It was made by Pietro Ferrero in Italy after World War II – because of the war there was a huge shortage of cocoa, and so by mixing hazelnuts with cocoa Pietro made a substitute for chocolate. The Nutella we know today hit the shelves in 1964 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Nuts about Nutella cake, whatever the occasion

The hazelnut and cocoa spread we all know and adore makes the most beautiful flavouring for our Swiss meringue buttercream, to smother all over a chocolate or vanilla sponge. And our Triple Decker Nutella Ferrero Rocher Brownie Cake takes that Nutella buttercream and runs. Picture this: layers of Belgian chocolate brownie, Oreo cookies-and-cream sponge, and chocolate chip cookie dough sponge; our super smooth Nutella Swiss meringue buttercream; a glaze of Belgian chocolate ganache. Then, on top, Ferrero Rocher 'ice cream' cones, brownie crumble, chocolate chip cookie dough balls, Oreos, and white chocolate pearls. Phew. And, what's even better is that we make this as a wedding cake too – it's a magnificent, towering, tiered wedding extravaganza that will blow the mind of anyone looking for a Nutella wedding cake.

We can also highly recommend our acclaimed So Nutty Cake. Vanilla sponge is layered with not just Nutella buttercream, but also peanut butter buttercream. It's covered with a decadent drip of Belgian chocolate ganache, as well as chopped peanuts and crushed hazelnuts, plus favourites for every nut lover: chocolate peanut butter cups and Ferrero Rochers - a true delight!

Delivery in London and the UK

Because our Nutella cakes are on the fragile side, we personally drive your order to you as soon as it is baked and in plenty of time for your celebration – we pride ourselves in taking the stress out of your cake delivery. Should you have any queries or special requests please do ask; the team are always happy to advise you regarding your delivery options, taking care of the fine details so your celebration can be worry-free.