The Original Meta Cakes

Dear distinguished visitors (of the best cake website in the whole wide web), ladies, and gentlemen. It is with our greatest pleasure that we introduce to you the best cake trend ever - Meta Cakes.

"Meta what?!", you ask? Meta Cake! By meta, we are referring to the adjective that means self-referencing, i.e. referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre. But as cake. A cake on a cake on a cake on a cake. Cake Inception. Are you lost in cake yet? Well, it's great that we've found you here then!

At Anges de Sucre we like to be at the cutting edge of cake (yes, 100% pun intended). SO we go through the harrowing pain of baking, layering, icing and decorating the tiniest 2" layer cakes, just for our love of cake as art. And for that cutest little micro-mini cake slice decorating the cupcake.

Order online here for delivery within London and surrounding counties. Order in advance to guarantee availability.

Our original Meta Cake creations are made to stand out from the crowd looking incredible on the outside with a luxuriously hand-made finish, as well as on the inside with lovely soft and spongy layers. You won't feel guilty cutting into one of our beautiful cake creations as there is already a stunning cut slice decorating the cake! We are so proud to deliver these luxurious cakes across London to make jaws drop at any event.

Each of our cakes is individually hand-made by our talented cake squad, making each one unique and extremely special, just like the occasion being celebrated. All you have to do is order one of our Meta Cakes to suit your individual requirements and tastes; perfect for friends and family looking to make a birthday or any special celebration extraordinary.

Personalised Meta Birthday Cake

Each Anges de Sucre luxury Meta cake is freshly baked and highly decorated to order from our exclusive and original Meta Cake Collection. Create a personalised Meta cake to make your nearest and dearest happy by getting in touch with your individual wishes to modify one of our current designs. Our talented team of bakers will make sure to make your every wish our caking command in our London bakery. We will do our best to accommodate your bespoke and customisation requests, and always include our complimentary chocolate message plaque. Just give us a few days notice, or more if you can!

We are so proud that our genius and unique cake creations have been hailed as the Best Cakes in London by Vogue and Time Out, and have been featured in the BBC and the world's best department store - Selfridges! See our personalised birthday cake range here!

London & UK Delivery

We deliver our luxury cakes across London and further beyond using our trusted drivers. Cake delivery across much of London, Surrey, and Berkshire is free of charge.

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