Fun Wedding Cakes

Are you an extraordinary couple? Of course you are. Have you fallen in love with each other's wicked sense of humour? Of course you did. Then you really shouldn't settle for a run-of-the-flour-mill wedding cake and should have one that more than satisfies your larger-than-life appetite for unadulterated fun! And gosh, have we got the most fun wedding cakes for you to drool over . Order in advance to guarantee availability.

Our jubilant, joyful, bursting with joie-de-vivre Fun Wedding Cakes will bring cheer and laughter to your dream wedding. At Anges we aim to bring a smile across your guests' faces straight from our London Bakery. You can even customise and personalise your cakes further by getting in touch.

Every single one of our cakes is unique - we make each cake entirely by hand and each cake will be different. We can guarantee no two brides will ever have an identical Fun Wedding Cake!

Your cake should be as fun, unique and extraordinary as you are as a couple - ignore the traditions, break out from the norms - and bring an extra smile and wow factor to your wedding with an Anges de Sucre Fun Wedding Cake.