Buttercream Birthday Cakes

As London’s leading luxury cake bakery, we have a unique positioning. We create freshly baked cakes to order and exclusively use buttercream to decorate them. It’s not just any buttercream either. It’s far from the generic crusted icinbg-sugar variety more associated with American frosting. Our signature Swiss meringue buttercream is made with using less sugar and is whipped to a fluffy and light meringue with free-range egg whites, before incorporating real British dairy butter for a delightful melt-in-mouth texture.

Our Swiss meringue buttercream recipe is so good that we decided to share the recipe with the world. It’s definitely more labour-intensive and technically demanding in comparison to the more commonly accessible types. Still, every bit of effort pays off in spades when it comes to taste, texture and aesthetics.

We are masters at the art of buttercream birthday cakes, and are renowned for our super polished finishing and designs. Each layer of sponge within our cakes is layered with buttercream, and the whole cake is frosted smooth on the outside, either in a rustic semi-naked finish or fully covered.

Fondant covered cakes has its place, but not in our bakery. We prefer to use fondant to sculpt figures, not to cover cakes. Our buttercream cakes are too delicious to weigh down under a blanket of sugar paste.

We create many unique designed using just the same Swiss meringue buttercream. We have our smart stripes in our Chocolate Orange Drip cake, fancy fault line like in our Kinder vs Nutella Cake, or our Rainbow stripes. We have beautiful painterly watercolour styles in our ever popular Flamingo cake or Fantasy Mermaid cake. And we have intricately piped buttercream cake styles such as our Floral Flush cake.

We have never met anyone that said, “More fondant please!”. But once you’ve had a taste of our buttercream birthday cake you’re guaranteed to be left wanting more.