Unique Wedding Cake - Fried Chicken & Waffle

So this weekend saw three of my favourite orders go out all at once - a huge James Bond themed dessert table, including mini cakes, cupcakes, mini cupcakes, chocolate truffles, macaron towers, choux buns, brownie bites and cookie sandwiches, as well as Shristi's Baby Shower Cake, and a ridiculously drop-dead cool and so unique two-tiered wedding cake for Amy and Gavin. None other than a wedding cake version of our weird and wonderful Fried Chicken & Waffle cake!

Unique Fried Chicken Wedding Cake London

I've had a little stalk on Instagram on their wedding hashtag, #thebevhans, and their wedding at the Oval London looks just the perfect setting for our wedding cake creation - cool, trendy, and uniquely fabulous. I love the bride's hair and outfit, and this little video of her and her dapper groom cutting the cake is just way too much fun!


We truly are so very lucky to have such great customers. At times when we feel under-appreciated or battered by trolls who do not understand how much work goes into our cakes etc and when it gets increasingly harder in an over-saturated market full of copy-cats, awesome customers like Amy & Gavin really make it the biggest pleasure and the most rewarding job. I'd like to think like-attracts-like and hope to serve them again and again and again...cuz c'mon, a couple that chooses a Fried Chicken wedding cake has got to seriously be the coolest and most fun ever. Quite like our cakes :)

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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