Unicorns & Rainbow Birthday Cake

This beautiful BEAST of a birthday cake is what unicorn and rainbow cake dreams are made of. What could be better than mashing together the ever popular Unicorn Cake and Rainbow our exclusive and luxurious Cakescape style! It was delivered to a very sweet birthday girl in Finchley for her Unicorn and Rainbow birthday party.

Luxury Unicorn Cake London

Layers upon layers of rainbow sponge cakes, from 6" and 8" multi-tiered all the way to teeny tiny 1.5" size. If you're struggling to picture a 1.5" size cake, it's smaller than my little finger. And I have small little fingers.

Unicorn and Rainbow Meta Cakescape - mini rainbow cakes

Preparing cakescapes starts well in advance of the birthday. I started modelling the fondant figures and rainbows days ahead. The chubby unicorn is similar to the one on our Fat Unicorn cake. But I toyed with the idea of having a brown unicorn too. No real reason, other than why not?!

Edible Unicorn Cake Toppers

I went a bit off-piste and moulded a unicorn bum. I wasn't sure how I was going to include it into the cakescape, but it seemed like a cute idea. 

Unicorn and Rainbow Meta Cakescape - fault line layer cakes

This cake needed 25 separate sponges in 5 different colours - all using my Hero cake recipe. It's the softest, most delicious and tender sponge recipe and takes to colour so well. I decorated the larger cakes in a rainbow and sprinkle fault line style. The teeny tiny 1.5" cakes were done in rainbow stripe frosting and the old school circa 2011 unicorn style, and also as our original and popular Meta cake style.

Unicorn and Rainbow Meta Cakescape - layer cakes

As with all cakescapes, it really pops alive when I start putting it all together on the board. First the cakes, then the buttercream decor, and then the fondant models and finishing touches.

Unicorn and Rainbow Meta Cakescape - decorating

There are so many delightful details on this cake, but my favourite one is the UNICORN BUM! I can't get over its cuteness!

Unicorn and Rainbow Meta Cakescape - unicorn bum

Unicorn and Rainbow Meta Cakescape

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo


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