Truffle Cakes - The Ultimate in Indulgent Cakes

Cakes and chocolate truffles - if you could have both, why wouldn't you?

So we came up with possibly the most delicious new style of cakes - Truffle Cakes. Each bite guarantees a burst of flavour and textural delight. Our soft and fluffy hero sponge layers, with smooth and silken Swiss meringue buttercream (did you know it's less than HALF the sugar content of regular buttercream?), and pops of crisp chocolate truffles filled with gooey and dangerously delicious ganaches and spreads.

Truffle Cakes to Buy London Surrey Berkshire

Take my favourite for example, the Pistachio Truffle Cake. It's one of our own record breaking newly released cakes, selling more than ANY of our other 150+ cakes on the day of its launch. And it's easy to see why. Pistachio is having a moment and this cake embodies Pistachio is all its glorious states. We have pistachio hero sponge layers, with pistachio Swiss meringue buttercream - smooth and silky with nutty ground pistachios that not only tastes divine but looks gorgeous in its pistachio-green speckled appearance.

Pistachio Drip Cake

But that's not it. We've then dripped the most addictive of all spreads all over the cake - Sicilian Crema di Pistacchio, aka pistachio creme. We literally cannot be left alone with this spread, it is THAT delicious.

Swirls of Swiss meringue buttercream in one of our signature styles are then topped with Belgian chocolate truffles filled with pistachio creme and topped with ground pistachios. 

Pistachio Truffle Cake

Anyway, I've given a lot of attention to pistachio here. But in all honesty, there is also another nut worthy of some. And it's the not-so-humble hazelnut.

We all know and love Nutella. It's one of our best-selling cake flavours. But IMHO, don't hate me for saying OVER-RATED. I know it has legions of fans around the world. It's a staple on crepes and pancake day. However, I feel it's got the lion's share of fandom because white chocolate hazelnut hasn't been given a fair chance. 

Think of a Kinder Bueno bar. What's the best bit about it? Is it the thinnest of thin layer of chocolate? Nope. Is it the flavourless wafer? Nope. It's the gooey, gorgeous, sweet and nutty creamy white chocolate hazelnut filling! 

The reason white chocolate hazelnut just WORKS better than chocolate hazelnut (Nutella) is because hazelnut is a mild flavour. In a milk chocolate base, it is muted. In a white chocolate base though, it sings. Morrisons used to stock white hazelnut spreads (which we used in a fake bake) but it's now discontinued sadly.


Fear not though! M&S and Dunks Cookies have some spreads that are white chocolate hazelnut praline based and they are both delightful. The M&S one is a thicker and firmer consistency which is perfect for stirring into warm porridge, spread over pancakes. Dunks Cookies has a spread that's much runnier in consistency that makes it brilliant for drizzling over ice cream and drip over cakes.

Our Hazelnut Truffle Cake has chocolate hero sponge layers, chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream (that literally tastes like chocolate ice cream, but at room temp!), glorious white chocolate hazelnut drip, and swirls of buttercream crowned with milk chocolate truffles filled with white chocolate hazelnut spread and ground hazelnuts. Move on from Nutella. Trust us.

Hazelnut Truffle Cake

And of course, no Truffle Cake series would be complete without...BISCOFF. BISCOFF is just never going to die. It's been around for years and it's here to stay. There is just something about the slightly cinnamony-caramelly tones to the flavour of my favourite biscuit at the hairdressers that still keeps me interested enough. Enter, Biscoff Truffle Cake. Vanilla hero sponge layers, Swiss meringue buttercream, Biscoff spread drip, swirls of buttercream, and milk chocolate truffles filled with Biscoff spread and Biscoff crumbs. Biscoffable.

Biscoff Truffle Cake

I'm so hungry right now I can't keep going on about these cakes that I currently don't have access to and it's making me hangry. Wait, I do have a jar of pistachio creme in the cupboard though. And a tablespoon. TTYL.


Reshmi xoxo


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