Top Cake Trends 2022

Birthday Cakes Trends 2022While 2021 may have been the hodge-podge in-pandemic-limbo year of brownie boxes, biscoff-this and biscoff-that, 2022 is already showing signs of a new lease of life for cake creativity. As we emerge out of lockdown and start celebrating more IRL there seems to be a bigger appetite for celebrating in style, even if on a smaller scale. 

These are our favourite predictions to make - what could possibly be more exciting than cake trends eh? Here are our predictions for the

Top Cake Trends of 2022

5) Sugar Free Cakes

Between lockdowns 1, 2, and 37, millions of borderline bananas were baked in banana bread, and we found lots of culture in loaves of sourdough. All of this baking may have been a great release for our cooped-up minds and for mental health in general, but many of us are also feeling as the saying goes, "a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!". Free-from baking has been on a steady rise anyway, and sugar-free recipes are gaining even more popularity with diets such as Keto and Paleo. Whilst we are Anges de SUCRE, aka SUGAR angels, hence only make sugar-full recipes (despite innocent requests to do otherwise), here's a recipe for a sugar-free chocolate cake that I have tried and tested and can vouch for.

Keto Chocolate Drip Cake Recipe

4) Tiddly-Tiered Cakes

Events may still be cancelled or down-sized but cakes don't have to be. Our tiny tiered cakes have become increasingly popular. We barely sold any Tiddly Tiered cakes when we created them in 2017 and lo and behold, who knew a few years down the line that's how we'd be bringing home the dough!

Tiddly Two Tier Mermaid Skirt Cake

They're the perfect size for when you don't want to sacrifice style, as it still serves between 6-8 portions as a two-tier or up to 20 as three-tiers.

3) Cake-scaping

On the other end of the extravagance scale is cake-scaping. Where traditional tiered cakes have whole layer cakes in varying sizes stacked vertically on top of each other, this modern style has them arranged on one board. What it lacks in height in comparison to tiered cakes, it more than makes up for in creative decorating potential.

Under the Sea theme Bespoke Cake (1)

This simply comes down to the large amount of surface area created by not stacking the cakes, hence cake-scaping can be just as dramatic, if not more, than traditional tiered cakes. Just see how fabulous these examples look!

Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake
Woodland Themed Birthday Cake

2) Rainbow Cakes

Yeah, yeah, it's not a new trend. Rainbow cakes have been around for decades. It may have been pushed to the background by the health-police for all the offending food colours, but there's nothing that cheers the big kid in all of us more than a bright rainbow. And cheering is what everyone needs more of, not less. Rainbow Cakes, the brighter, the better, are back. I'm already hating the amount of washing up (but the sight of the cakes is worth it!).

Slices of Rainbow Cake

1) Meta Cakes

Cake is simply not enough. Hence we are now at a place, after a world-ripping pandemic, where we are decorating cake, with MORE cake. And more cake. What started as an innocuous enquiry, turned into me creating a silly cake where a chubby unicorn is passed out in caked-out bliss, slumped against a MINI 3" cake, with a cupcake decorated with a teeny tiny slice of a MICRO-MINI 2" cake. Cake on a cake on a cake on a cake. The self-referencing Meta Cake. This may actually be the best and worst cake trend ever. Still, better than a Geode cake surely!

Meta Red Velvet Cake 

 And that brings us to the end of our predictions for cake trends in 2022. Let us know in comments what you'd like to see more of (or the back of) in cake.

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November 24, 2021

I think you missed the zero calorie full butter cake trend. That’s the one that will bring in the dough

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