Three Wise Monkeys in a Jungle Birthday Cake

My favourite kind of bespoke cakes are cakescapes. These are multiple individual cakes, decorated and presented together on one board. I've done a few different themes before - The Hungry Caterpillar, Woodland, Under the Sea, and Beetlejuice. Each one has been different, extremely detailed, and as luxury birthday cakes...I think they're extremely indulgent and stunning.

Bespoke Monkey Cakescape Birthday Cake

I made a monkey cake for Bella, one of X-Ray's pals. She likes monkeys, I think she likes bananas, and I love cakescaping. I crammed as many details as I could onto a 2-tiered 6"/8", triple layered 6", and 4" chocolate and vanilla cakes. 

Bespoke Monkey Birthday Cake - buttercream

I made dark and white chocolate coconuts, fondant banana cake pops, the Three Wise Monkeys hand-modelled fondant figurines.

Three Wise Monkeys Cake Toppers

The cakescape only starts coming together once all the details get added, one by one.

Bespoke Monkey Birthday Cake - Chocolate Coconut and Banana Cake Pop

Piping buttercream foliage, vines, grass, earthy mounds, and some cheeky pops of ombre flowers. I feel like it's a full-body exercise for my creativity. And I LOVE it.

Bespoke Monkey Birthday Cake - Piping details

Carving out chunks from the frosted log cakes was a leap of faith but I was relieved to see it added a multi-dimensional element to the design.

Bespoke Birthday Monkey Cake - monkey cake toppers

The three monkeys is a theme executed many times before, but I loved having them perched on the different levels of the cake, in different poses. 

Bespoke Monkey Birthday Cake - Hear No Evil Monkey

Seeing Bella's reaction to the cake was always going to be a pleasure.

Bespoke Monkey Birthday Cake London

Now I can't wait for her to see Bella and her Super Banana Bread storybake!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo


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