Three-tiered 100th Birthday Cake

Last Wednesday we received a big tiered cake order to be delivered in London, which turned out to be rather unusual. In itself, it wasn’t anything alarmingly out of the norm - a Pink Sweetheart layered birthday cake for a party in Chiswick. Normally, our larger cake orders are a fairly considered purchase - there will be a few emails or calls with our office manager Kate, and booked further in advance. But...this cake was booked on our website as a last-minute order late on Wednesday night for delivery on Friday! was for a 100th birthday - WHUT!!!


100th Birthday Cake

We did ponder how unusual it was to get such an order so last minute and were over the moon that we were baking for such a monumentous occasion. Turns out, our customer’s grandmother’s cake was supposed to be made by another cake maker who let them down. Without jumping to any conclusions about the cake maker cancelling at the last minute I feel it’s an important reminder that it probably was not due to any callously unprofessional or mean intentions eg: can’t be bovved, got a better offer elsewhere etc and was more likely to do with illness or a genuine inability to produce or even store and deliver the cake, especially in this heat. It can literally happen to ANYONE as even supermarket giants are struggling with their stock and their fridge-freezers packing in in this crazy heatwave. 

100th Birthday Cake - Three Tiered


So we feel so lucky and privileged, without an inkling of schadenfreude, that we were able to step in and bake this gorgeous three tiered birthday cake for this very special Nana’s 100th birthday with just a day’s notice!


100th Birthday Cake London


Our pink sweetheart cake is one of our most popular designs - with three lovely and moist vanilla sponge layers on each tier, and frosted with pink and white striped buttercream, glazed with our signature Belgian chocolate drip and decorated with baked buttermilk doughnuts, piped flowers and foliage, candied popcorn, strawberry flavoured chocolate crisp pearls and pink and white macarons. 


Happy 100th Birthday Nana!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo



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April 13, 2021

Hi I love your can l order one

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