Stork Baby Shower Cake in Kings Cross

I wanted to create a baby shower cake for my friend that wasn't twee, cringe or boring. If you google images for baby shower cakes you'll be inundated with photos of cakes with baby feet/baby shoes/teddy bears. Always the same, almost always kiddish despite it being a celebration for the mother-to-be. So boring my head almost hit my keyboard as I struggled to remain awake researching.

The cake I wanted to make this time hasn't been made yet. I wanted to make one that was fun, with humour, and with our high-end Anges aesthetic. A fat and tired stork, taking a little break whilst making its long journey to Earth with my friend's very precious delivery.

Stork Baby Shower Cake delivered in London

Using images of storks, I modelled a chubby one, slumped over, out of sugarpaste. I also made a little basket with a pink and blue quilted fondant blanket. But my favourite detail is the chocolate bar and Kit Kat sign I carved to look like a wooden sign post inscribed with the number of days till her due date.

The cake was tall with two tiers of vanilla and chocolate sponge, all our Hero recipe of course. And decorated with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. Swiss meringue buttercream uses cooked egg whites in the buttercream so it's safe to eat when pregnant.

Stork Baby Shower Cake from Londons Best Cake Makers

I piped fluffy clouds with the buttercream around the chubby knackered stork, baby basket and sign post. It's the CUTEST. But what would make it extra special for my friend? A teeny tiny slice of cake decorated in comic book style. Because the only excuse for the stork to take a little break would be for cake of course.

Small Comic Cake Slice

We had the cake delivered to The Lighterman at Granary Square in Kings Cross (they charge a cake-age fee so if you're booking do check in advance). Our table for 20 was a lovely long table along the floor to ceiling windows with views overlooking the canal.

Stork Baby Shower Cake in London

Food was great, catching up with old friends was great, and the cake was great. You don't have to be friends with me to have this stork baby shower cake btw. It's now available to order for cake delivery in London, Berkshire and Surrey!

Stork Baby Shower Cake to Order for Delivery

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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