Spyro Dragon Cake

We don't take on bespoke commissions often, and certainly not with less than two weeks notice. However, a long-time Instagram follower wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a Spyro cake delivery in London. Once I saw that it was a cool purple dragon, there was no way I could say no!

Apparently Spyro has a large geek-chic fanbase. I had no idea. Of all the dragons that ever existed (or didn't), Spyro is definitely the coolest one I've seen.

Sculpting the dragon took a lot of nerve. I hadn't seen too many good examples on Google, none to my liking anyway. So I decided to use the packaging for a Spyro the Dragon toy for guidance. 

Spyro Dragon Cake Topper

It looks SO CUTE! I love it, I LOVE IT!

The cake was made of three layers of our Hero red velvet sponge with Swiss meringue buttercream in vivid dragon-ey colours, including purple. 

Dragon Cake Buttercream Colours

I then piped some buttercream flames around the cake to frame the Spyro figure. I could've done it with fondant, but I don't like using too much fondant. Nobody likes the taste of fondant over the age of 5. But Swiss meringue buttercream?? Can't get enough of the good stuff.

Spyro Dragon Cake

I love the cake so much that we've added Spyro Dragon Cake to our ready-to-order birthday cake collection.

Spyro Dragon Birthday Cake for Kids

It went down a storm with the girlfriend's friends and colleagues!


Reshmi xoxo


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