Pretty Flowers Engagement Cake

We've had a good month of making some incredible cakes! With lockdown lifting, the cakes are getting a bit bigger and we're making wedding cakes again too which is lovely. 

These floral wreath cakes take my breath away. The ruffley-scalloped buttercream sides, piped flowers and foliage. They've got a rustic, yet refined, charm about them, perfect as an engagement cake

London's Best Cakes delivered in Kingston

Perhaps simpler than my usual style, it did take some self-restraint to not flood the whole cake with decorations. But the colours and artistic placement seem to be JUST RIGHT. 

Pretty engagement cake delivered in London

Whilst lockdown lifting has been lifting our spirits, our wholesalers have yet again had to increase their ingredients costs...again. Ugh! But we're fully committed to continue making our cakes to our high standards with the best ingredients - Callebaut chocolate, British butter, and vanilla. We're also working on upgrading the entire experience of buying a cake online for delivery in London a fun and engaging experience. 

Beautiful Engagement Cake with Flowers delivered in Kingston

And in other good news...we now deliver our luxury cakes to Kingston with FREE delivery! Yep, you can now have our famed birthday cakes, or for any other occasion worthy of celebrating with cake, for free anywhere in Kingston-upon-Thames. 

Stay safe out there.

Lots of love,



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