5 Popular Kids Birthday Party Themes & Ideas

Birthday parties are fabulous, especially when you’re celebrating your little one’s special day. Whether they’ve reached their terrible twos or are marching into their grumpy teenage years, children’s birthday parties are the best time to bring a smile to everyone’s faces and to catch up with friends and family.

At Anges De Sucre, we offer a range of themed birthday cakes to suit your celebration. As we receive wild and crazy theme requests every week, we’ve picked our five most popular themes to help those of you who might need some party inspo!

Unique & Exciting Birthday Party Themes

The five most popular themes of the year to date are filled with magical intent, animal wonder, fairy tale joy and mythical creatures. And if we would have to name a sixth, it would definitely include a Marvel inspired theme celebrating all the characters. 

1. Magical Unicorn Theme Party

What shouts magic, fairy tales and fantasy more than a Unicorn themed party? Errr…nothing! Unicorns are mythical and magical and give you the perfect opportunity to plan a glittering, rainbow adorned, super cute kids’ party.

Typically associated with pink, pastel colours and sparkling stars your decoration options are endless. There’s plenty to choose from, whether glamming up your front room or laying a unicorn-themed table in a hired venue.

If your little one loves to dress up, we recommend lots of glitter and floaty princess dresses to make this a truly unforgettable event. You might also want to buy a few unicorn-horn headbands for the parents and party helpers to get into the swing of things (and to make them feel like twits).

Our Rainbows and Unicorn Cake is the perfect addition to this themed event. Vanilla sponge, piped swirls and brightly coloured rainbow stripes always go down well with a party crowd. Or, check out or Vegan Fat Unicorn Cake for something cheeky and a bit different.

Rainbows & Unicorns Magical Cake party theme for kids

2. Safari Animal Theme Party

Tiny tots dressed up in animal outfits, safari hats and roaring toddler tigers; there’s not much we don’t love about a Safari Animal themed birthday!

There’s always going to be one kid that will rock up in a Batman outfit, but hey, half human, half bat counts as an animal, right? We adore giving children the chance to express themselves in whatever way they please, and if that’s dressing up as a super cute monkey or cuddly bear, then who are we to stop them?

Add to the theme by cooking up some jungle/safari treats like animal-shaped cookies, fruity jungle punch (no booze, these are baby-faced guests remember) and some salad bites shaped like trees.

The Anges De Sucre Safari Animal Cake is the Lion King of all kiddie birthday cakes and every year, we see more and more parents embrace the jungle theme. 

Safari Animal Theme Cake for children

3. Circus Theme Party

For us adults, imagining a clown might conjure up an image of Stephen King’s terrifying ‘It’ character – but thankfully for most of our kids, clowns are synonymous with red noses, juggling balls and super fun times.

Circus parties are great if you’ve got a big garden and have hired some entertainers. Put up a red tent and pretend the big top circus has arrived! A truly fun kids party is all about using your imagination and creating a little bit of make believe. We love our vanilla and chocolate marbled Circus Clown Cake and our fondant clowns aren’t scary at all (promise!)

Circus Clown Cake for kids

4. Movie and Popcorn Party

Suddenly your little girl or boy is turning 12 and has realised that you are sooooo not cool. Aghhh! Where did those glorious baby years go? Movie parties on the other hand are super cool (unlike you), uber chilled out and let your pre-teen pretend they’re a grown up.

Sleepover parties with a movie theme always work well and are great for those winter months when it’s too cold to take a group of kids out and about. On the other hand, lots of cinemas offer you the chance to hire out a movie theatre for a day – so your guests can enjoy the latest blockbuster in their own personal cinema!

We created this awesome Netflix and Chill Cake for a movie buff and have had countless orders for similar styles ever since. Plus, you might get ‘cool’ points for being so down with the Netflix kids.

Netflix and Chill Cake for Popcorn and Movie party theme for kids

5. Mermaid Theme Party

Last year saw a huge mermaid craze overtake the nation! Well, it overtook our bakery anyway. Kids and adults alike could not get enough of our Fantasy Mermaid Cake and we fell in love with the glittering tail, sea foam buttercream swirls and its general yumminess. (Don’t forget the Little Mermaid Cake we cooked up, click here for our tasty recipe).

So, if you have a mermaid fan in your midst, this is the perfect opportunity for sea-shaped decorations, swirling paper lanterns, glittery make up and sequin-splashed outfits. This theme is great for an older child’s birthday, and lets you get a bit sophisticated with the catering. Scrap those fish finger sandwiches and buy in some sushi platters instead.

Fantasy Mermaid Cake for the birthday party theme

Party coming up? Order your Anges De Sucre cake a few easy steps:

So, you’ve planned your party theme, bought the fancy-dress outfit and your child is squirming with excitement. Now it’s time to get serious and order cake.

Head over to our Children's Cakes page, click on the cake of your child’s dreams, choose the size and add a personal message. Add it to your cart and pick your delivery date – we offer free delivery throughout London. We make birthdays simple and delicious.

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