My First Cook Book ;) - StoryBake

It's World Book Day so it feels completely natural to announce my first cook book. Our first cook book isn't probably what you'd expect of me. It's not about fancy cakes, or even Fake Bakes. But it's a special recipe for blueberry muffins.

Xavier and his magical blueberry muffins - cover

I know blueberry muffins are pretty basic. But what's special about this recipe book is that I've written it for kids, in the story book style my toddler son loves reading - a StoryBake! What's more, it's even got my fussy eater to like blueberries again and more interested in food!

Xavier and his magical blueberry muffins - Pages 1-4

X-Ray and I love our time in the kitchen together, baking all sorts of things (he even helps me on our Fake Bakes series). He loves getting stuck right into the measuring and weighing of ingredients, whisking and mixing, and of course, watching the batter go into the oven and then coming out smelling and looking delicious.

Xavier and his magical blueberry muffins - Pages 5- 8

But I wanted him to get completely engaged in the actual recipe. So I started writing a recipe that rhymed to get him truly involved into the process and look forward to it.

Xavier and his magical blueberry muffins StoryBake

Storybake cover sketch

My sketches were brought to life with beautiful illustrations by Irina, and now X-Ray cannot wait to get baking in the kitchen together after reading and dreaming about blueberry muffins.

Xavier and his magical blueberry muffins - Pages 9 - 12

This is an interactive cook book for me to read to X-Ray at bed-time. And him to go to bed excited about what he's read, dream sweet dreams, and wake up wanting to make exactly what he read about. 

Xavier and his magical blueberry muffins - Pages 13 - 16

Here's the link to download the free pdf but if you wanted to purchase a printed copy you can pre-order it here (with international shipping available!). We aren't getting too many copies made as I don't have a publisher so if you'd like one please do pre-order asap. The books will be ready to dispatch on 14th March 2022! It'll make a cute gift, or a really good addition to your nursery/school library.

Xavier and his magical blueberry muffins - Pages 16 - 19

I've loved doing this and am writing my next - Olivia's Lovely Lemon Loaves StoryBake :) Not quite the cook books I ever thought I'd be writing but it's fun!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo 


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March 13, 2022

Impressive Post, such a clear explanation without any confusion thanks for these lovely tips



March 04, 2022

I love your creativity! I’ve followed your page for a reallllly long time and have drooled over all of your cakes! This is such a ‘not been done before’ (I don’t think!!)
As much as I would absolutely buy a recipe book of yours, the idea of me being able to read this with my 6 year old son and bake along is fantastic. Now we can share our two loves in life- reading and baking! I really hope this is a great success of yours, I have no doubts!

Deborah Wood

Deborah Wood

March 04, 2022

Where do we purchase this book from as we cannot find it anywhere? We have tried Amazon, WH Smith.

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