Our Best Online Cake Shop Website Yet

Woohoo! After what seemed like the MOST expensive website build to date, considering it took us almost 8 months, I'm SO happy to finally shout about our HAWT NEW MAKEOVER! 

Best Online Cake Shop London

I'm fully aware a lot of people would say the old website was fine and pretty etc, but it was spent. We wanted to make it a much more magical experience whilst choosing your extraordinary cake online

Best Cake Delivery London Website

Our new photos taken by Catherine Frawley, and styled by Jodie (Boutique Blooms) and yours truly are some of the best I have ever seen. Every shoot is lots of work and lots of fun, because...CAKE with pals. Of course it's fun, and the pics are proof of it! Look at how GOOD our Alice in Wonderland cake looks!


As a design-led luxury cake maker we want to create a really immersive and inspirational online cake shopping experience for all our customers and visitors. The beautiful illustrations dotted around the website, done by Niki (Miss Magpie Spy), really liven up our little corner of the internet here. Here's an illustration she's done of me decorating our signature croquembouche - she's actually made me like the little kink in my nose hah.

Niki Groom Cake Illustration

We haven't just upped our online game, we've made our cake delivery process much more personal and efficient. No more waiting around all day for the cake to arrive! Our driver texts on the morning of delivery with an ETA so you can get on with your day. And our popular Posh Pistachio cake got even posher and pistachio-er with an all new-and-improved recipe - think sweetly nutty and aromatic, tender soft sponge with the perfect bite and LOTS more pistachios.

Pistachio Cake Delivery London

We're not cheap, but cheap isn't us. And I think our website shows our dedication to making the full experience for our customers and visitors enjoyable. I hope you love it as much as I do :)

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo 

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Josette Kaiser

Josette Kaiser

September 13, 2021

I love your website . I am looking to surprise my sister who is going to be 70 with a beautiful cake.
She loves rose pistachio she is a Bridge player and very good at it . She loves beautiful things she is extremely elegant and lovely looking. I need it for 2nd October . Is this possible . We are going to be about 20 of us .
I live in mill hill so I need it to be delivered.

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