Storybake Book - Olivia and her Lovely Lemon Loaves

It still seems so wild that we sold out of our first print run of Xavier and his Magical Blueberry Muffins kids baking recipe book! We're now waiting on delivery of our SECOND print run. I just LOVE the thought of so many little bakers reading the same story and baking the same muffins. And since we've shipped them to more than 10 countries around the world including Singapore, Australia, Canada and Kuwait, I love even more that little kids of different nationalities and cultures are all enjoying it!

It's even wilder that I've been able to release my second AND third storybake books - Olivia and her Lovely Lemon Loaves, and Bella and her Super Banana Bread. The former is now out in the post, and the latter is getting delivered to us soon!

Olivia and her lovely lemon cakes - Front Cover

The feedback I'm getting from everyone already is so warming. I love seeing all the proud photos of the delicious lemon loaves baked by little hands, and also hearing that you're reading it EVERY night (sorry, not sorry!).

Lemon cake is one of our most popular cakes delivered in London. This Lemon Love cake gives me Bridgerton vibes!

Lemon Love Cake

But you don't need a special occasion to bake a lemon loaf at home. The recipe in this storybake is egg-free and can be easily adapted to a plant-based or vegan version. Which I think is brilliant because it invites those with egg or dairy intolerances or allergies to also enjoy the fluffiest lemon loaf.

The way I write my storybakes for kids has been developed through baking with my own young son. He takes a particular interest in being able to follow instructions that are simple enough for a toddler, but the results are fantastic by any measure. It's a challenge to write a rhyming story and also include a functional (and forgiving) recipe. And then there are the recipe tests and conversions from my usual metric measurements to toddler-friendly cup measures, and re-testing. And THEN there is working with my talented illustrator Irina to bring my sketches to life. My most favourite page in this book is the last one with Xavier making a cheeky guest appearance!

Olivia and her lovely lemon loaves Page 21

It's all worth it just to see how much my son is learning and enjoying creating in the kitchen.

I'm happy to see you enjoy it too! The books are still available to order - when they sell-out we will send them for another print run. Please do share the word with your toddler parent pals! If you'd like to download a free pdf for the book, here it is. 

Lots of lemon loaf love,


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