Mermaid Party Time

If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you’ll notice that we’ve been feeling a bit fishy lately. Not in a smoked haddock or tinned sardine sort of way, but we’ve defo been in a magical my-mermaid-fish-tail-is-better-than-yours kinda mood.

If like us, you’re an 80s baby, you might remember the delights of Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks in Splash. Or, if you’re a Disney fan, how about everyone’s favourite sea stunner Ariel? Ok ok, she let the side down and got rid of her tail in the end, but she was cool for a while.

Basically, we think mermaids are awesome. They inspire the imagination, are super hot, have amazing frizz-free beach hair and are kick-arse swimmers to boot (no arm bands needed when you’ve got a swishy tail). 

As we’ve been painstakingly putting together our mermaid cakes and giving you our gorgeous Little Mermaid cake recipe, we thought it’s time we go all out and plan a sea princess themed party. Why the hell not? The festive season is just a few weeks away, so any excuse for a fins-up! 

Mermaid Cake Recipe

So how do you plan the best mermaid party ever? Read on cake lovers, you’re in for a mermaid-esque bonanza! (Be warned, we will be using fish puns wherever we possibly can).



When you’ve decided on a mermaid theme party, you have entered underwater decoration heaven. There are so many watery and fabulously fishy decorative pieces out there, that you will literally be spoilt for choice. Think blue, think floaty and think outside of the box.

If this is a kids’ party, you might like to stick to Disney-side of decorations. Go to town with huge fish helium balloons from Bubblegum Balloon's super cute selection as well as themed paper plates and cups.

For a grown-up mermaid party, think paper lanterns and blue flowing streamers. Throw in the odd pink and yellow decorative pom pom for a coral-like feel.

This season, everyone loves a tassel, whether they’re hanging from your ears or adorning your venue’s walls. Tassels in green and blue feel like wild and untamed seaweed.

You may want to stay above sea level and stick to a more beach-like decorative vibe. We’re thinking paper palm trees, Hawaiian shirt prints, flower leis and all that good stuff. The world is your oyster…..geddit?



Mermaid Sequin Decoration


Paper invites shaped like a fish tail. Need we say more? Imagine opening that little beauty alongside your boring bills and junk mail.

Unleash your creative monster with your party invites. Get yourself down to Hobbycraft, buy a heap of glitter and make your own tail stencil. This is a great option for kids’ parties and will stand out on when stuck on the refrigerator so they’ll be unlikely to forget the date! (Alternately parents, do a Google search and find the hundreds of mermaid invites online and save yourself from a glue/glitter catastrophe)

For a more adult affair (ie. for those who stopped sending paper invites when they left primary school) find a picture of a mermaid online, make it your profile pic and send out a group message on Facebook or Whatsapp. Super boring…. but we’re trying to keep things easy.


Well….less fancy pants, more fancy dress. Do you want everyone to turn up as a mystical sea creature or are you happy if they rock up in jeans and a jumper? Whatever you decide, adding a touch of mermaid glamour to your outfit choice is no bad thing. You can go all out and stuff yourself into a mermaid’s tail or add subtle hints to your ensemble with shell jewellery, or a blue/green sequined number.

Personally, the Anges De Sucre team love a good fancy dress party. And as we’re totally obsessed with mermaids at the moment we’ve spent hours trawling everyone’s favourite auction site for some totally out there (but not too expensive) mermaid outfits. This weird and wonderful selection of costumes are pretty crazy but will definitely help you shimmy and shake your coconuts off on party night. If they’re being sold from some faraway land (ie.China), please make sure to order way ahead of the date so you can swish your tail with no stress.

Mermaid makeup is totes about glitter, sequins and crazy colours. Watch this YouTube mermaid makeup tutorial for some inspiration.



OMG how much easier could it be to cater for a mermaid party? Think fish, fish and lots more fish. End of. 

Sushi is one of the nation’s favourite dishes these days, so your mermaid feast couldn’t really be easier. There are a huge variety of sushi options to choose from and best of all they look pretty damn amazing as well as being super yummy. If you don’t want to go all out and order expensive trays of sushi from your local Japanese restaurant, Marks & Spencer have helpfully created a £16 sushi platter which you just need to order a few days in advance.

To cater for those guests who might not like fish, you can pick a range of vegetarian or non-fish sushi options. (What better time than to remind you of our amazing Sushi Cake.... you know, just because). 

Sushi Cake

Also- never forget the humble prawn cocktail, prawn and mayonnaise finger sandwich and basically anything else containing prawns. A prawn skewer will do the job too. Easy to prepare yourself and a generally well-loved fish option, prawns are quick and convenient.

For a kiddy party- we’d recommend sticking to the tried and tested treats, but you could throw in some fish fingers just for the novelty factor! 

Please please remember- if you are serving fish, do be super careful about storing it, how long it’s been laid out for and so on. We love a fish dish, but food poisoning - not so much. 


Drinks for Mermaid Party

Who is humming Under the Sea with us as they read....anyone? Oh, just us then. 

Now what better to suit an underwater mermaid shindig than a deliciously appetising blue drink? No, not those highly sugary, bright blue bottles of pop you used to get from your school tuck shop, but a sophisticated cocktail of course!

Put those bottles of early noughties blue WKD away and stock up on the blue curacao people, it’s time to get mermaid level tipsy. 

Whether it’s a Blue Hawaiian (vodka, curacao, rum, pineapple juice and a dash of sweet and sour) or a splash of Blue Bird (gin, curacao, lemon juice, almond syrup), there are plenty of sea-coloured bevvies to try. Check out Cocktail Flow for a selection of blue cocktails to get your head swimming and your tail feather shimmying. 

For the non-alcoholics out there, a blue mocktail will do the trick nicely. We’ve found a great recipe for a booze free Blue Lagoon which you might enjoy.


Mermaid Croquembouche Cake

Obviously, we’d never write a post and not talk about cake, even if we’ve become a bit fish obsessed recently. Our Mermaid Croquembouche cake is simply stunning and combines underwater accents with delicious vanilla sponge, coral hues, pink chocolate glaze, hand-made fondant tails, hazelnut praline seashell chocolates, macaron oysters, Maltesers, Rolos, white chocolate crispearls, profiteroles, eclairs, candied popcorn and piped buttercream swirl detailing. You name it, we added it.

So, to round off your mermaid party, we’d definitely suggest adding a fabulously fishy cake as a centre piece. Whether it’s a birthday party, an anniversary or just a damn good time, cake makes every event better.

Here’s our Fantasy Mermaid Cake or our smaller but equally delicious Mermaid Cake. Just choose you size, add to your basket and follow the online instructions. We deliver to most Central London locations and can arrange for delivery to surrounding areas.  


So, there you have it, you’ve reached the end of your mermaid party survival kit and are ready to enjoy those fish-tastic fun vibes. Here’s to all the half fish, half humans out there!

Fantasy Mermaid Cake

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