Matcha Green Tea Croquembouche

I could not be happier having the Great British Bake Off ("GBBO") back on our screens. GBBO is great for many reasons - it's light-hearted entertainment, features relatable and likeable personalities and more importantly is about CAKE. Who doesn't love cake?? 
Birthday and Wedding Cakes
Other than the obvious reasons I have stated above about why I think GBBO is fab it's also good, clean fun for the whole family without one having to worry about tons of bleeping/swearing or watching cringey sex scenes and gore especially when the in-laws and parents are over! Call me old fashioned, a prude or hypocrite what-have-you but while I do have the occasional swear word slip-up myself I don't enjoy having to hear it and if I really wanted to watch sex on telly with my dinner, well, there's the Internet catering for that genre quite extensively!
Last week's episode, the first of the latest series, was off to a cracking start! I've already got my faves to win, (Benjamina and Selasi but don't hold me to it
as anything can happen!), and there were plenty of brilliant baking puns delivered. However some other things I noticed were:
1. MOIST MOIST MOIST - oh why oh why is this word ever used to describe food, it makes my skin crawl sooo much (as well as a large proportion of gen pop...so it's really not a weird me-thing!). I think I must have winced about 15 times throughout the episode with its liberal use.
2. Mirror glaze - for the more technical pastry chefs, mirror glaze usually involves the use of gelatin which I didn't seem to spot being used during the episode. That's fine of course, as it makes it veggie-friendly but I would have called it a ganache glaze (which is what we use on our cakes too).
Ganache Drip Glazed Cakes
3. The return of KitchenAid - after the switch last year to Kenwood which caused a bit of a stir amongst Twitter armchair-critics KitchenAid are back on the show this year! Did you have a preference either way? 
KitchenAid Anneli Marinovich Lifestyle Photography
4. Matcha mystery - Paul Hollywood mentioned he had never heard of matcha tea sponge and Mary Berry commented that it tasted like grass. This was the most surprising for me as Matcha has only been one of the biggest flavour profile trends in recent years to hit the foodie scene - matcha eclairs, matcha ice cream, matcha macarons, matcha rolls, matcha this matcha that. So how Paul and Mary escaped Matcha all this time is quite the puzzle!
Matcha Macarons
In case you are also a Matcha-neophyte I will say it's not quite like Marmite where opinion is divided to such an extreme (no thanks to Marmite from me, but I always keep a jar around for the mother-in-law) but it can be an acquired taste. It's subtly smokey, and has quite an earthy tone to it. When paired with richly sweet things such as ice cream and buttercream it brings an amazing refreshing balance to the flavour. And yes, I love it!
Matcha Birthday Cake
Our Matcha birthday cake collection is easily one of our best-selling and the Matcha we use is a premium organic green tea and exclusively sourced from Lalani & Co
Seeing how popular our Matcha birthday cakes are we decided to create our latest Matcha masterpiece - the Matcha Green Tea Croquembouche, and ran a give-away in partnership with Lalani & Co over the bank holiday weekend.
Matcha Croquembouche
Matcha profiteroles and eclairs, matcha and raspberry macarons, matcha "soft serve" cones, Ferrero Rocher cones, raspberry and matcha baked buttermilk doughnuts, piped buttercream flowers and candied popcorn all adorning our conical cake structure with chocolate and matcha sponges with matcha and raspberry watercolour Swiss meringue buttercream and Belgian chocolate glaze. 
I wish Paul and Mary could've tucked into this decidedly ungrassy Matcha masterpiece along with the lucky winner Ashleigh (@ashi_9) - what an amazing cheat day she must have had. That beast must have taken all bank holiday weekend to get through...with the entire street!
Matcha Croquembouche Cake
Lots of love,
Reshmi xoxo

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