Matcha Birthday Cakes and a really bad haircut

I recently got a terrible haircut before my godson's birthday. Like the worst I've had since the first Gulf war when my sister put a bowl over my head and cut around the rim. The haircut I now have is uneven, frumpy, lumpy blah blah just bad and I hate having to deal with it everyday. But having been subjected to some personal attacks and trolling over that blogger incident last year that still keeps rearing its ugly head every now and again and that whole odd Sandra Lee nonsense (the Internet doesn't forget easily!) I have grown a super thick skin and simultaneously am also wary of how much words can sting and affect someone's confidence and concentration. I could've said something at the time of my haircut (I kinda did make a suggestion but it only made it worse...oh well) but I didn't want it to affect the other customers' experiences or ruin the poor hairdresser's day.

Instead I came away trying to forget about it. Except I can't because IT IS TERRIBLE. So I've been looking into how to grow my hair out quicker and guess what comes up on Dr Google as something that stimulates hair growth and health?? MATCHA green tea!!

Matcha Birthday Cake

Hurrah! So now not only am I binge drinking organic Lalani & Co matcha tea I'm also ingesting it increasingly in cake form.
Matcha Birthday Cakes
Matcha green tea frosting and cakes are delicious and it's not just me who thinks that as we generally have loads of different Matcha birthday cakes delivered each week!

Matcha Cakes

Here's hoping my hair grows out super quick.

Reshmi xoxo

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