8 Marvel Cakes For Your Kid's Birthday

We don't know a single kid that doesn't go through a superhero-fan stage. In fact, my son has gone through one in the lead-up to his 5th birthday so I went all out and created a superhero-tastic birthday party for him, including an incredible cake-scape featuring all his favourite Marvel superhero icons - Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Spiderman! 

Yes, he did also want Batman featured, but I couldn't bring myself to mash DC and Marvel to demoted Batman to the back of the cake. He didn't seem to mind.

We know most kids will want a superhero cake at some point for their birthday so I am going to list the best Marvel Cakes with varying budgets, from extravagant to sweet and simple, including fake bakes. 

1. Marvel Cake-Scape Birthday Cake

This Marvel cake-scape birthday cake delivered in Twickenham is the most extravagant superhero birthday cake. It has multiple tiered cakes placed on a large cake board including chocolate sponge cake, vanilla sponge cake, red velvet cake as well as a rainbow pinata layer cake filled with M&Ms. The decorations include hand-modelled fondant Spiderman, Captain America's shield, Hulk's fist and Thor's hammer.

Marvel Superhero Cakescape Kids Cake

Hulk's fist is bursting out of a rainbow pinata cake filled with chocolate M&Ms, with a mini rainbow-pinata meta-cake on top. Spiderman is soaring over a stencilled London skyline and a sprinkle fault-lined cake. Captain America's shield takes pride of place over a sprinkle-encrusted 4" red velvet cake with Thor's hammer casually resting against it. This cake is a truly indulgent feast for the eyes.

2. Sainsbury's Marvel Spiderman Cake

For a Spiderman fan, this budget offering from Sainsbury's ticks all the right boxes. It's a basic sponge filled with jam and is simply, yet effectively decorated with edible decorations. Priced at £12 for approximately 14 servings at the time of writing.

Sainsbury's Marvel SPiderman Cake

3. Asda 2-tier Marvel Avengers Cake

With edible printed icing paper strip collars decorating each tier along the sides, this cake is colourful and eye-catching, featuring all the main Marvel characters. And with 2-tiers, this Marvel cake from ASDA is one of the more impressive supermarket cakes in the superhero theme.

Movie Themed Cake

It is simple sponge layers filled with raspberry jam. Although the packaging states it serves 24 portions, the reviews and actual size suggests they are rather tiny portions. Still, for £17, this is a very good budget-friendly price for a themed cake.

4. Official Marvel Licensed Cake Topper Toys

Dress up ANY cake with these officially licensed toy cake toppers from Marvel. Priced around £7.50 each, the action cake topper figures include Captain America, Black Widow and Hulk and are available to order from the Cake Decorating Company.


Whilst they are not edible, or have the cake-art aesthetic appeal due to being made of plastic, they do add to the superhero theme and have the plus point of being a keepsake for the child to play with after the birthday celebrations are over.

5. Captain America Fake Bake Cake

The most effective Captain America-themed cake can be easily made at home, that too on a budget! Fake bakes have taken off by a storm, gaining popularity through the current cost of living crisis. We have plenty of example of fake bakes on our blog. Simply stack two supermarket layer cakes and cover with buttercream. Then coat the frosted cake with red, white, and blue sprinkles or strands, such as these from Morrisons.

Captain America Cake

You can opt to top the cake with a printed Captain America shield edible icing cake topper or toy for a finishing touch. 

6. HULK Pinata Fake Bake Cake

Just like our other fake bakes, you can easily fake a HULK cake. Take two supermarket sponge layer cakes, and before stacking one on top of the other, use a round cookie cutter to cut out a circle from the bottom layer cake. Fill the hold with M&Ms or Smarties and stack the second layer cake on top. Cover the entire stacked cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. Spray the cake with a green lustre spray.


You can further decorate the cake with a Hulk figurine or more chocolate smarties on top!

7. THOR Hammer Cupcakes

Top a batch of frosted cupcakes with edible Thor hammer decorations. These are great for birthday picnics, where cutting and serving cake might be a bit more inconvenient, or to take into school. 

Amazon THor Hammer Cake Decorations

8. Marvel Cake Dessert Table

Have a spread of the above to create a cake buffet for the little ones! They'll have a great time picking out the bits they'd like, looking at all the different superheroes and perhaps even taking away the treats to enjoy later.

With these Marvel cake ideas, you'll definitely be seen as the true superhero of your kid's birthday.

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