Kung Fu Panda Birthday Cake

We love it when our friends order from us. Y’know, they don’t HAVE to! But when they actually do it’s so lovely because it shows us how supportive they are of us, our small business and our bonkers birthday cakes. Two such friends whom we met when their first-born was just a few days old and we were neighbours have been having us make his birthday cakes each year ever since! 

Kung Fu Panda Birthday Cake.jpg


I can’t believe where the past five years have flown by but Oliver is now 5!!! Now you may or may not remember me sharing my contempt for pandas when attempting to make panda macarons some time ago. It literally killed my spirit, the number of failed batches and kilos of ingredients as well as my sanity in the bin. So when my friend mentioned Oliver wanted a Kung Fu panda themed birthday cake for his 5th birthday I think I must have broken out in hives from some form of panda-Mac-PTSD. But I wasn’t going to let Oliver down just because of some silly macarons that ruined my life for a bit, I was going to find the love for pandas again and hopefully make him the birthday cake of his dreams!


Panda macarons


So for Oliver’s 5th birthday cake we made a customised two-tiered version of our Kung Fu Panda inspired cake with blue buttercream on one tier of chocolate sponge layers and another tier of cookies & cream Oreo sponge layers. 


We hand-made the cute little Kung Fu fighting panda figurine, and created some dumplings filled with chocolate chip cookie dough to add to the decorations. How CUTE are THEY eh?!


Panda Cake topper


We also used chocolate wafer curls for bamboo sticks to great effect. And I dunno about you, but I can never resist a cheeky chocolate wafer stick when decorating our Kung Fu panda cakes 🤣.


Oliver’s birthday cake was delivered to the venue in Wimbledon and went down a STORM at the party! The lovely feedback from both him and my friends is so heart warming. I mean, I know they are our friends and could be slightly biased but we also know bad cake can kill friendships/ruin weddings etc so I’m eternally grateful for their love and support! 

Happiest of 5th Birthdays Oliver!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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