Golden Stella Birthday Cake

I have a weirdly addictive bug bear - reality shows. Weird because I am equal parts ashamed of watching them as a guilty pleasure whilst feeling really grubby about watching them! They're like the fast food of this generation's television - cheap, quick, unhealthy, mind-numbing entertainment. With Love Island finishing and me having become the reluctant addict, recognising the names of the contestants now deemed as insta-famous reality "stars" in the Daily Mail's sidebar of shame, it's left me wondering - is "celebrity" now so easily accessible? Are they a dime-a-dozen? Does it even last for longer than the lifespan of a firefly in the wild? (2 months approx. FYI...the firefly that is).

Instafamous birthday cakes

Often the "stars" go on to becoming Instagram "influencers" (I really dislike that term, but as I am also considered as one I have to grin and bear it), and get posting predictably about teeth whiteners, flat tummy teas, diet pills, and trashy scanty garments #ad #spon as they get ploughed by brands desperate for a bite of instafame. Now before the mega fan brigade start trolling on me saying I'm jealous, these "stars" work hard/are gorgeous/are lovely people blah blah, I will admit, I am a little jealous because despite my humble influencer status, apparently nobody wants to use my 35 week walrus-like preggo bod as a clothes horse for their booty shorts and side-booby crop tops. I totally get that, because if I could sell our cakes posing in nothing but tactically placed drip cakes and buttercream, I would, but noone wants to see that.

35 weeks pregnant

The stars sometimes also get grabby agents who solicit as much free stuff as possible promising exposure, this and that. You can read about some of those crazy free cake requests here, or even fellow small-business Laura Aston's astonishing experience here


I don't know who Saara is but even her PR isn't a winner when it comes to blagging freebies 😂 #Imnotpeggy

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But all is not fast and furious in the land of Insta-fame! Some of my favourite instafamous people to follow are @mother_pukka and @deliciouslystella purely because they make me laugh, so much so that one of our best-selling cakes is named after the latter - The Deliciously Stella Birthday cake.

Chocolate Birthday Cake London

That cake is so well-loved, that we even gave it a glam make-over as the Golden Stella. This stunner of a birthday cake doesn't just turn heads and ogled as much as some of the body-beautiful stars of Love Island wherever it goes, it also tastes delicious. Fudgey Belgian chocolate brownie, Oreo crumb sponge and choc chip cookie dough sponge layers with smooth and silky Swiss meringue buttercream, glossy chocolate ganache drip glaze, decorated with brownie chunks, cookie dough, maltesers, rolos, Kinder buenos, Kit Kat, chocolate fingers and all blinged up with genuine gold leaf and lustre - of course it's going to cause eyes to pop out of sockets and tongues hang out!

Golden Stella Tiered Birthday cake delivery Soho

Jemima recently had a 2-tiered Golden Stella birthday cake delivered to her party in her restaurant in Central London and we were over the moon to hear her from her mum with the feedback:

"Dear Cheeky Cherubs ,

Thank you for delivering my daughter's fantastic, amazing 21st birthday cake!

She loved it , the staff at Little Italy said it was the best cake they had ever seen ! And I am sure they have seen a few over the years.

Even more amazing, it got there though the madness of Soho on Gay Pride day !!!

Thank you for a wonderful product and an fabulous service ."

The warm and fuzzies from such words will never ever replace any amount of instafame we get, awwwww.

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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