Exclusive! James Bond Theme Cake at Home House London

This mysterious James Bond theme cake was delivered to the exclusive private members club, Home House, in London. It’s mysterious because normally for such a large three-tiered bespoke cake we’re told a bit about the occasion in the initial enquiry. Whether it’s meant to be a birthday cake, or a wedding cake, or any other mega milestone. At the very least the chocolate message plaque would be telling. But nope, we weren’t told what the event for the cake was about or for whom it was being ordered for either. Just that the theme for the event was James Bond and it was at Home House.

James Bond Theme Cake London

My imagination went wild eyes-wide-shut style. All the guests arrive wearing animal masks, and there’s a massive fishbowl full of keys. Debauched and louche. I think now whatever the occasion could’ve been, it’s not going to live up to my wild fantasies so I’m happier never knowing.

Making of James Bond theme cake

We customised our super glamourous Golden Stella cake with black and white striped buttercream. In general, I dislike black food colouring in anything, but it’s so effective on this black, gold and white theme cake. The customer did specify that they did not want guns or weapons to feature on their bespoke cake. So I drew inspiration from other Bond-typical characteristics. I made chocolate martini glasses using a mould, with fondant green olives because it’s not a dirty martini without one. I also made some fondant bow ties that look really cool amidst all the golden chocolate decor. We also added edible printed playing cards to decorate. And real gold leaf! Casino Royale is my favourite Bond film and this cake reminds me of it very much!


James Bond Theme Cake

The sponge layers inside this cake are vanilla, chocolate and cookies & cream flavoured. The buttercream is vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and the drip is a dark chocolate ganache that I sprayed with gold lustre.

This cake has really grown on me! I’m now all for black and white stripes on buttercream, as long as there is some gold to jazz it up too.

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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julie veater

julie veater

July 01, 2022

Please can you let me know the price of the above cake. Thanks

naomy natasha

naomy natasha

June 15, 2020

how much please

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