Introducing Rustic Buttercream Style Cakes

I am SO excited to introduce our all-new rustic style buttercream cakes. It’s the same delicious sponge cake layers inside, and our silky Swiss meringue buttercream, but given a new ruffle-like, rustic look which is perfectly suited to our new charming cake designs.

It actually took us twice as long to achieve the deliberately ‘messy’ effect as opposed to our super smooth buttercream finish. We kept smoothing it on the sponges, messing it, and smoothing it again before realising that the whole point of this finish is that it is perfect in its imperfections!

Rustic Flower Wreath Cake London

I wanted to design some new cakes inspired by flower wreaths. Being a big fan of asymmetrical aesthetics (if you suffer from sever OCD I think our cakes might be triggering as our decorating style follows asymmetry!) I decorated a smooth iced cake with a buttercream floral wreath with hand piped flowers and foliage...but it looked oddly unfinished. Adding on more decorations didn’t seem to help in it looking finished and I started feeling pretty uninspired. Twirling the turn table back and forth, it just wasn’t doing it for me...and then I swiped a bit of buttercream off by mistake and weirdly the cake actually looked better! But no one likes a fingered cake so we used the back of our palette knives to get the swiped buttercream look all around the cake et voila! Our rustic flower wreath vanilla layer cake came together perfectly!

Rustic Flower Wreath Cake


As it’s Easter around the corner, we also created a chocolate Easter Egg Hunt cake version including chocolate corn flake egg nests and I wish Easter was year-round because this cake with the pastel mini eggs is just SO CUTE.

Easter Egg Hunt Cake


Wishing you a cracking Easter,

Reshmi xoxo

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