Ice Cream Parlour Birthday Cake

Everything seems to get a lot more fun around the 6 month mark. For one, I started feeling a lot more comfortable in my own new stretch-marked skin. I’m frequently karting myself and X-ray about town and feeling less self-conscious about feeding him in public or when he starts throwing a tantrum. I’ve got a crew of like-minded local mummies with whom I’m living my best mat-leave life and I’m loving how our little guy is changing so much, becoming more of his own little person.

So for us, it X-ray turning 6 months is a milestone and to celebrate I took inspiration from my long-time Instagram faves Katharine Sabbath and The Scranline to create our Ice Cream Parlour birthday cake.

Ice Cream Drip Birthday Cake London 

Featuring layers of vanilla and chocolate sponge and Swiss Meringue Buttercream in ice cream pastel hues, and decorated to the hilt with a brownie fudge dropped waffle cone, Belgian chocolate glaze, and freakshake style cupcakes with cookie crumble, sprinkles, mini doughnuts and mini ice cream cones.

Dropped Ice Cream Chocolate drip cake 

We booked a table at Duddells, the hottest new London restaurant opening near Borough Market and had the cake delivered there. The dim sum and lobster noodles were some of the most delicious we’ve had! And the interiors are sooo stunning - it’s in a converted church so the ceilings were high, there is an open kitchen, tall stained glass windows, lots of light, fabulous fixtures and furnishings, it was definitely all about style matching substance.

Duddell's Dim Sum London 

I absolutely love watching people watching one of our cakes being brought to our table - it’s such a guilty pleasure because it’s always a look of unfiltered amazement and I’ll never take that for granted! And this cake had all the heads turning. But I do get a tad bashful when I’m asked where the cake is from - if only because “Anges de Sucre” is such a bloody mouthful, but also because if I say it’s our bakery I feel cringe, and if I don’t say it and carry on a conversation about the cake I then feel sly. Ahhh awks.

Dropped Ice Cream CHocolate Drip Birthday Cake 

Anyway, Ice Cream Parlour Cake was had. And of course, it was freakin’ delightful. So much so that you can now order your own from our massive birthday cake collection here.


Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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May 02, 2018

I’ve loved following you and your stories about X-ray, cake disasters, people insisting you give them freebies just cos they z listers, etc etc. I love your sense of humour! Keep it up! Love,your fellow Bengi lass. X

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