How to Organise a Successful Kid's Birthday Party

Whether it’s their first birthday or their fourteenth, making your child’s party as special as possible is at the top of every parent’s ‘to do’ list.

Birthday parties are a big deal, and these days, a game of pass the parcel and few balloons just won’t cut it. Log onto Facebook or Instagram and we’re sure some of your mummy mates will be posting pics of their little darlings jumping on a bouncy castle or looking adorable in princess costumes and face paint.

Kids Birthday Cakes London

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So, what’s the secret? How do you organise an unforgettable kiddies’ party without sending yourself (or your bank balance) into meltdown?

At Anges De Sucre, we’ve got you covered. We’re not just about icing and sprinkles, or baking powder and biscuits (although honestly, these are some of our most favourite things). We’re all about celebrations and celebrating right.

Kids Birthday Cakes London

Just look at cutie Leonie at her first birthday party with the Pink Sweetheart!


We’ve put together some top tips to make sure your child’s birthday is the stuff of dreams (rather than scary nightmares...unless it's Halloween themed of course) and our helpful party timeline will keep you on track.


Enjoying a fun-filled day is a priority so make sure you plan exactly how much you want to spend and know how much all those extras will cost. By keeping a firm grip on budget, you can hopefully avoid costs spiralling out of control and money stresses ruining the big event.

Budget Friendly Cake

Make sure you factor in the cost of venue, decorations, food, the birthday cake, entertainment and party bags so you don’t have any nasty surprises when it is time to pay the bill.

Guest list

Are you inviting all your child’s classmates or will they be happier among six to ten of their closest friends? By creating a guest list early on, you can get an idea of where to host the do, how much it will cost and whether or not you will be catering for adults as well. You can also plan activities and games accordingly.

We live in the era of the e-vite, so save some pennies by designing a cute paperless invitation or alternately you can create and print your own unique design on sites such as Canva or Evite.

Remember to keep track of the RSVPs and any special requests such as dietary needs!


Hosting the party at home is cheap and cheerful, but you will have a lot of tidying up to do afterwards. If you have a gang of helpers (younger siblings, grandparents….anyone!) get them to muck in and keep your fingers crossed for a sun-drenched day so the guests can spend some of the time in the garden instead of the front room.

Kids Birthday Party Cake

Image: Foxes Events

If you choose to hire a venue such as a local restaurant or kids’ soft play area, this will definitely ease your workload and take away the hassle of catering for hungry kids. Keep in mind however, hiring a venue will definitely add to the cost.

Summertime parties are much easier to plan as you could plan a birthday picnic in a local park or create a mini Olympics (think egg and spoon races rather than hurdles and javelin throwing) at a nearby recreation ground.

Choose a theme

By choosing a theme, you immediately rev up the fun factor and get your birthday baby excited for their special day by choosing something they really love. Lots of you know the pain of watching Moana or Frozen for the 42nd time, so why not select a favourite film as a theme? Easy peasy! There will be endless related decorations and fancy-dress outfits to choose from and a good bakery can create a kids’ birthday cake to fit in with the chosen film...Spider Man, or the Little Mermaid...we could go on...


Depending on the time of year, you could hold a seasonal birthday party. For example, an Easter Egg hunt birthday party, a spooky Halloween fancy dress party or a Christmas-themed birthday do.

Always keep your little one in on the party planning, as they will want to help choose the theme and feel even more special.

Cake, cake, CAKE

Now you have your numbers and your theme, it’s time for the ultimate decision…’s cake time. Yes, of course you can go for a perfectly fine (yawn), shop bought chocolate caterpillar (double yawn) or a tray bake with cut out stars, but it’s just so dull. You could also DIY your own cake (use our chocolate drip cake recipe here!) but should you not want the added stress or last-minute panic of a flop cake we really do recommend outsourcing to a professional!

Little Mermaid Cake

Choosing a kids’ birthday cake which your guests will never forget is far more exciting. And these days, you don’t even have to hunt around for a local baker as you can buy cakes online and have them delivered directly to the venue. Whether you want a magical unicorn cake, an Alice in Wonderland themed treat or a cascading cookie cake, Anges De Sucre combines elegance with fun, deliciousness with decadence. Check out our amazing selection to see what tickles your fancy.

Entertainment & Games

Clowns, magicians, DJs, Disney princesses, a bouncy castle….the options are endless. Costs for a good entertainer can reach up to £300 per hour but keeping those mini party guests entertained is priceless. If you are thinking about hiring a professional entertainer, make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.

Or, if you want to keep things a bit lower key but just as fun, planning some party games will keep things ticking along nicely and get the party into full swing. Here are some low cost yet super fun ideas for party games. Don’t forget to buy prizes!


Now we’re not talking about a three-course meal, but we do need to keep those hungry tummies full. Catering for a kids’ party isn’t rocket science, but it is essential.

If you’re holding the party at home, keep it simple with a selection of sandwiches. These don’t have to be as boring as they sound! Use biscuit cutters to make fun shapes for your sarnies or create a DIY sandwich buffet by laying out buttered rolls, cheese, ham and cut up cucumber. That way your little guests can choose what they like.

Traditional party foods such as mini sausages, breadsticks and dips, carrot pieces, mini pizzas, crisps in a bowl, cheese cubes and pre-cut fruit always go down well (if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!) When you’re thinking about sweet stuff go for mini pastries, biscuits, fairy cakes and those much-loved chocolate fingers. Simplicity is key!

Kids birthday party

Cater for your child’s age group. So, if you’re holding a party for pre-teens they might prefer pizzas and burgers rather than little sandwiches. Also, remember to cater for vegetarians and try to find out about any allergies beforehand.

Remember, if you’re holding a party for really little children and their parents will be staying for the event you might want to feed the adults or at least provide tea and coffee (maybe even a coffee cake!).


For a successful birthday party, we’d recommend avoiding fizzy drinks. Many parents don’t relish the thought of their children chugging back sugary pop, so opt for something less controversial.

Juice boxes, squash or a bottle of water keep down the mess and controls the inevitable sugar rush.

Get the older guests involved

It may seem a bit cheeky, but any parent attending with their child will understand how difficult a kiddies’ party can be, so get them involved in what’s going on. Ask beforehand to make sure they don’t mind, but a fellow parent overseeing a party game or taking charge of coats and jackets, helps remove one more thing off your list.

Party bags

A going home gift is all part of the birthday magic and is pretty simple to put together. Yes, you can buy little plastic bags and fill them with sweets and plastic toys, but if you have the time (and patience) you could also get crafty and make your own.

Cake pops, homemade cookies or a slice of birthday cake are good party bag fillers. While creating individual name tags for each child is a really sweet way of thanking them for being there. If you’re holding a party for a small group, you can decorate paper bags (and get the birthday girl or boy to help) so that the going home gift is really personal.

If all else fails, head down to your local supermarket to stock up on stickers, writing books and coloured pencils to create a non-sugar filled and useful treat.


Organising a successful birthday party is all in the planning, so we’ve put together a timeline for you to keep track of all that needs to be done.

Two to three months before:

  • Book an entertainer, bouncy castle or ball pit

  • Hire a venue

  • Start thinking about the guest list

Four weeks before:

  • Make sure the VIPs can attend (ie. don’t plan a party without making sure your child’s BFF can be there!)

  • Send out invites

  • Start buying decorations, party bag fillers, prizes for games

  • Find and book someone to bake a beautiful cake

Two weeks before:

  • Chase up those people who haven’t yet RSVPd

  • Plan out the menu

  • Confirm entertainer, bakery and venue

  • If holding an outdoor party, come up with a backup plan in case of bad weather

A few days before:

  • Buy all the food and drinks

  • If hosting the party at home, start getting the house ready (clean and make sure it’s childproof)

  • Make sure you have help from friends and family

  • Prepare the party bags

  • Plan a rough outline of party activities

Day of the party

  • Decorate

  • If holding an outdoor party, keep your fingers crossed for good weather and make sure your backup plan is ready

  • Layout the food

  • Welcome your guests and get partying!

Did you enjoy this article? You might also find our 7 Birthday Party Hacks for the Busy Parent useful! Don't forget we deliver childrens birthday cakes across London.

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