First Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake

I’m BACK! Didja miss me?! Of course you didn't! But I missed you, yes you dear virtual reader, fabulous follower and cake lover. I'm back from a short but super sweet break with my little family and raring to go. Having been dealt with a few blows recently like THAT macaron tower disaster and THAT cake wreck at fancy Syon Park, not to mention all that weary-eyed exhaustion from mumming the little one, I really needed to have a system reboot.

As a new mum, I remember feeling quite isolated - the long sleepless nights, and the long days peppered with teething pains, growing pains, sleep regressions, all these things that I kind of just learnt “on the job” as no one really prepares or really forewarns about in any discernible detail. Until you’re in the thick of it!

Vegan Cupcake for Birthday in Twickenham

I met some lovely local mummies at baby classes like baby massage and Hartbeeps (if you’re a new mum, I very much recommend Hartbeeps - it’s like a baby rave!), and they’ve become my mum gang - it’s so much more than WhatsApp groups for quick fire advice on the best teething granules, coffee dates (with a slice of coffee cake of course) to chat about weaning woes etc. It’s a lovely support network of mums wading through the same-same-but-different journey. And I may have mentioned this already, one of them, Emily, is vegan which spurred me on to create our vegan cake range. So not only has it enriched my life from a social aspect, it has also done so professionally!

vegan chocolate birthday cake twickenham

So for Emily’s baby’s first birthday we went all out vegan bonanza, Anges de Sucre style. I took inspiration from X-ray’s 6-month half-birthday cake and vegan-ised it as the Vegan Ice Cream Drip Birthday Cake with eggless and dairy-free chocolate sponge and vegan doughnuts with a vegan dripping ice cream cone and vegan buttercream and chocolate drip.

And it wasn’t just cake! I also made vegan cupcakes, vegan mini cakes, and the cutest little vegan loaf cakes galore to serve out at the birthday picnic as little gifts for the guests to take away.

Vegan Mini Loaf Cakes

There was so much cake that it took me emptying our fridge to store the cake stash instead on the scorchio day (errrr priorities puhlease!). Hah, and who knew that a fridge situation like this would be my most popular Instagram post till date!



It really did do me and my little family a world of good to just switch off for a bit. Now that I’m back and reasonably bushy tailed again (I say reasonably because it’s not like I got any more sleep than usual...thanks to my party animal X-ray) I can’t wait to restock the fridge again and share more caking with you!

Reshmi Family Outing


Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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